Italy: The majority of migrants entering Italy aren’t refugees.

Italy: The majority of migrants entering Italy aren’t refugees.

August 5, 2017

* Italy: The majority of migrants entering Italy aren’t refugees.

– OK, everyone knows this; however, the danger rests with the leaders in Brussels, who have floated the idea of enlarging and extending the relocation quotas to include five new nations from Africa and “persons in a refugee-like situation”.

– The link below states that “less than 1 percent” of the migrants are from Syria. The vast majority are considered “economic migrants,” mostly from West African countries like Nigeria and Guinea.

– This is why we strongly believe Robert Fico made a colossal mistake by agreeing to accept the migrants from the EU program. EU Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos has stated that the relocations will not end in September. The demands from Brussels will continue to grow.

– On Friday, a pro-EU reporter from the Czech Republic claimed the European Commission may be preparing to push through a “permanent mechanism” to distribute the migrants AFTER the election in Germany. How convenient.

– What you don’t hear from Brussels is quite revealing. Where is their “mechanism” to deport the illegal migrants “outside of Europe”? What are their plans to help Italy seal the border to deny entry? It seems as if the leaders in Brussels have another agenda.

– The goal of the EU Project is not to limit or reduce illegal migration, but to develop “secure pathways” to transfer the migrants to Europe. Once here, the EU will attempt to distribute the migrants throughout Europe. Of course, this will guarantee an unlimited flow of migrants and endless relocation quotas. This has been Angela Merkel’s “solidarity solution” (or diktat) from day one. After the election, she will intensify her efforts.

It will be up to the V4 and CEE nation states to defy the multicult manifesto of Berlin and Brussels. It must begin with the unconditional defeat of the EU’s relocation scheme. This is a line that cannot be crossed. On this front, Mr. Fico, the V4 cannot give an inch. Just ask Sweden.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.