Italy: Member of Italian Brotherhood Party calls for a full, suffocating naval blockade in Libya to confront Erdogan of Turkey. 👍

Italy: Member of Italian Brotherhood Party calls for a full, suffocating naval blockade in Libya to confront Erdogan of Turkey. 👍

– Following the EEZ agreement between Greece and Italy, the Turks began to attack Italy, first they forced jihadists to attack an oil company in #Libya that supplies Italy and now they are preparing to send 20.000 migrants from Libya to Italy, according to Italian information service.

Translated from story below:

– There is now pressure with migrants and Syrian mercenaries via Tunisia from Ankara.

A full naval blockade is being demanded by an Italian MP after “hot” information about a Turkish plan similar to Evros after the Athens-Rome signing of the EEZ. An Italian opposition lawmaker told the Italian parliament today that the only response to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s threats in Libya was to impose a “suffocating” naval blockade.

The member of the House of Representatives of the Italian Party Brotherhood and leader of the coalition in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Andrea Ntalmastro said during a briefing that “while the Italian MFA pledged to distribute EUR 450 million in the International cooperation, Sultan Erdogan intervened in the EEZ of Cyprus and then in Libya, marginalizing the role of Italy, appearing to be Saraj’s best ally.

“In the blackmail rules that Erdogan is pursuing, we have learned today from the Italian intelligence service that there are 20,000 immigrants in Libya ready to go to Italy in order to be used as a weapon of blackmail against us,” Dalmastro added.

He concluded by saying that the only serious response to overturning this Turkish plan, which is dishonest and immoral, was and still is the imposition of a harsh naval blockade that his party has been demanding for years.

After Greece, the Turkish President Erdogan, who represents the Ottoman leader in the Mediterranean, is now blackmailing Italy in the background. If they do not “wake up” there in time in the EU, then the Turks will fill Europe with immigrants with their own plans.

At the same time, Erdogan appears to have found a new way to send his Syrian mercenaries (Jihadists) to Libya via Tunisia, cutting the UN and EU decisions.

Libyan security forces (LNA) chief Suleiman al-Shahoubi has confirmed that more than 100 Syrian mercenaries were transported from Tunisia to the capital by yellow buses.

Groups of mercenaries from Syria recently arrived in Libya, traveling through Tunisian territory, in the capital Tripoli, under the protection of militia loyal to the Al-Wefaq government, according to a security source.

The Syrians arrived from the western border, which means they were transported from Turkey to a Tunisian airport and then transferred to Sabratha and then to Tripoli.

The situation in the regions and cities where the Syrian militias have entered is very bad, as their members carry out daily armed robberies, either for public property belonging to the state, or for private property of citizens or residents, as well as rape of women.

In Libya, the veil of the most brutal terrorism has been spread with the help of the Turks and Syrians, while the country’s tribes are taking up arms to fight for their homes. Turkey has emerged as a country of evil which only knows how to destroy corruption and destruction, as it did in the Ottoman era, interrupting all normal human activity.