Italy rise in ‘phantom’ boats as new route sees migrants go undetected.

Italy rise in ‘phantom’ boats as new route sees migrants go undetected.

Italy rise in ‘phantom’ boats as new route sees migrants go undetected.

* The EU is playing a losing game, or maybe this is the way Brussels wants it to be, allowing Europe to be flooded. The migrants are going to keep coming from anywhere and any place so long as they are granted entry and benefits…and not sent back immediately. There is no deterrent right now, so what does one expect.

No EU pundit, clerk or official can be taken seriously when they say they want to stop illegal migration and the smugglers unless they all work to deny entry at the source and develop a permanent mechanism to deport the migrants outside of Europe. Yes, the Australian model at sea works and must be modeled, not criticized.

At this point, Brussels, Paris and Germany are the obstacles, more focused on preventing leaders like Salvini from rising, instead of working with him to stop the wave engulfing Europe.

– This year some 5,500 illegals have entered autonomously, managing to approach the coast or land without being spotted or needing assistance, according to the Repubblica daily. Nobody knows who they are or where they are headed, which is a recipe for disaster.

“We are starting to see not just Tunisians but also sub-Saharans on the boats that arrive autonomously,” Agrigento prosecutor Salvatore Vella said in an interview in the Stampa daily.

“We think that there are new routes, no longer from Libya but from Tunisia, where the sea crossing is easier because it is shorter and you can do it in small boats, with minimal risk,” he said. He dubbed them “business-class trips” because they use fast vessels for the relatively short 14 to 16-hour crossing.

So the migrants have a “business class”?

“Now it is no longer just groups of self-organised Tunisians who are using the small boats, but powerful groups of Libyan and Central African traffickers,” the Repubblica’s migrant correspondent Alessandra Ziniti said.

“Hundreds of migrants are being moved to the beaches on the Libyan-Tunisian border,” she said, adding that “columns of pickups and vans travel between Tunisia and Libya at night as border authorities look the other way”.

** Of course they look the other way, just like Frontex. As the V4 Report said months ago after the EU Summit: “With the EU elections over, the masks have come off and we expect Brussels to push its migration agenda even harder”.

The reality of the EU and what it truly stands for is on display…and this time they are quite open about supporting illegal migration. It’s called cowardice masquerading as tolerance.