Italy: A stinging rebuke to Matteo Renzi and Open Borders

Italy: A stinging rebuke to Matteo Renzi and Open Borders

* Italy. Centre-right bloc backed by Silvio Berlusconi claims victory in Sicilian election. The result is another stinging rebuke to former PM Matteo Renzi and the ruling Democratic party (PD). Socialist parties of the Left continue to be crushed throughout Europe.

– Berlusconi’s allies, the Brothers of Italy and the Northern League, reaped rewards with anti-migrant campaigns, suggesting this will remain high on the agenda for the national vote.

– With 93% of the votes counted, a centre-right bloc backed by the four-time prime minister was running more than five percentage points ahead of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), with the centre left of Renzi and Gentiloni a distant third.

– The Guardian reported that Berlusconi looked poised for a stunning political comeback as his allies claimed victory in an election in Sicily. We are not sure about an 81-year-old leading Italy, but we do think this sets up his “rightist bloc” for the task of leading Italy.

The regional Sicilian ballot, held on Sunday, was seen as a dry run for the nationwide election, with many of the island’s problems reflecting those of the country as a whole: high unemployment, a debt mountain and sluggish economic growth.

But there was another issue causing angst at the EU Core. In breaking news (possibly in violation of the EU official code of reporting on migration), the ultra-liberal Guardian has even admitted, “An influx of migrants, many of whom arrive in Sicily after being rescued in the Mediterranean, was also a key issue.” Really? What influx? The Guardian can expect a visit from Frans Timmermans, Nils Muiznieks and the UN psychiatrist.

– Yes there are many regional issues involved with these elections, but one cannot ignore the EU’s migration/multicult agenda and the huge impact it’s having on elections across Europe.

After opening the floodgates to illegal migrants and allowing criminal smugglers and radical NGOs to control their coastal border, the Party of Matteo Renzi and PM Paolo Gentiloni are being sent a strong and direct message from the Italian people.