Italy Surrenders Border

Italy Surrenders Border

July 4, 2017

Meltdown in Italy. Instead of pulling back the migrants to a port in Africa, Italy is urging other European nations to take in an endless amount of migrants. Now, the leaders of Italy insist that the EU refugee relocation programme should be “expanded” to include other nationalities, such as Nigerians. The V4 Report warned of this “expansion” long ago…..”once the quotas start, they will never end”.

– The interior ministry released figures showing that by Monday morning, 85,183 migrants had reached Italian shores after “rescue” in the central Mediterranean, compared with 71,279 at this time last year. The top three arrivals:

1. 13,516 had said they are Nigerian.
2. 8,000 said they were from Bangladesh.
3. 7,538 said they were from Guinea.

Most of them are economic migrants and unlikely to gain asylum, but we believe it is highly unlikely that the leaders of Western Europe have the strength and will to send them back.

– We believe the leaders of the EU and Western Europe have surrendered without a fight. The V4 and CEE nation states must continue to reject the migrant quotas from Italy at all costs. In addition, they must work together to seal-off Italy, just as they did with Greece by securing the Balkan route. The madness has to end.

Onward V4!