Italy’s Interior Minister urges EU to redistribute ‘rescued’ illegals

Italy’s Interior Minister urges EU to redistribute ‘rescued’ illegals

How shameless and predictable: Italy’s Interior Minister urges EU (in call with Ylva from Sweden) to redistribute ‘rescued’ illegals across the bloc.

One saw the waves of illegals this weekend.

That Draghi regime sounds real good now. Give us euros and we will give you illegals on the move.

It is a falsehood to say that others have not felt the ‘solidarity’ of Italy, which has already ‘waved through hundreds of thousands of aggressive males to others in the EU. What exactly is the end game in Italy? Endless relocations?

Italy chose to become the HUB for illegals on their journey for a better life. The Italian government made the choice to grant entry and they must live with its appointed government’s reckless decisions. The solution is not relocation (it is the problem, the big lure), and it’s up to Italians to demand new elections or to live with the consequences of a government with an ardent pro-migration Interior Minister.

Italy cannot be given EU routes to redistribute at will…or it will never seal the border. Nor should Italians accept the status as the EU’s migrant processing camp.

Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese on Monday had a phone call with European Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson after waves of ‘rescued’ illegals came knocking at Italy’s shores in the last few days. What did Luciana expect with an open border that even some NGOs are praising now? No EU relocation schemes will save Italy, which will just wake up to discover more guests tomorrow.

Lamorgese explained that Italy’s immediate goal, pending the definition of the Immigration and Asylum Pact, is to activate a temporary mechanism of solidarity by the summer among the European States willing to resettle persons rescued at sea.

Ylva from Sweden thanked Italy for its work in managing migrant flows and recognized that Europe must show signs of solidarity, the sources said. (ANSA).

The EU Migration Pact will be quite the battle, and there can be no claims of victory unless it is unconditionally defeated. One cannot take the bait of “flexible solidarity” slogans either…in the end, with free movement and voting rights, all of Europe will be negatively affected.

Soon, one will find out the difference between the EU pretenders and those who truly seek to defend Europe and its way of life.