Italy’s Matteo Salvini faces “witch hunt” into treatment of so-called “stranded” migrants.

Italy’s Matteo Salvini faces “witch hunt” into treatment of so-called “stranded” migrants.

Actually, once the migrants are “rescued”, there is no legal obligation to grant entry. The details were presented in one of our earlier posts a few weeks ago. A ship can even be considered a “safe place”, although the most logical solution is to “pull back” the migrants to a safe port in Africa.

Earlier this week, Salvini said 50 of the 144 Diciotti migrants had since disappeared without trace from reception centres. These migrants “were so in need of protection, a roof and a blanket that they decided to leave and disappear,” he said on Facebook.

“This is the umpteenth confirmation that those who arrive in Italy are not skeletons fleeing war and famine,” he added.

Most of those aboard the Diciotti were Eritreans, along with a small number of Somalians, Syrians, Sudanese and Comorans. Since the start of the year, 3,000 migrants from Eritrea have arrived in Italy but less than a thousand have applied for asylum, according to interior ministry figures.

Many Eritreans prefer to continue by land to Germany, Sweden or Britain.

* Salvini has refused to back down and launched a blistering attack on prosecutors in Sicily after they confirmed a probe into his refusal to allow more than 100 rescued migrants off a coastguard ship last month.

Prosecutors in Palermo on Friday informed Salvini of the inquiry into his 10-day alleged “illegal confinement” of the migrants in a letter that he opened and read in a video broadcast live on his Facebook page.

“An organ of the state is probing another organ of the state. With the small difference that you (the voters) elected this organ of the state,” Salvini said in the video. “The others have not been elected by anyone and are not answerable (for their actions) to anyone. It is you who asked this minister to control the borders, to control the ports, to limit arrivals, to limit the departure of illegal migrants.”

** The attacks continue against the people of Italy, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. Unable to win the hearts and minds of Europeans, Brussels now is attempting to isolate and destroy anti-migration leaders who were democratically elected by their own people.

Behind the EU’s false slogan of “solidarity” lies threats, smears, sanctions and blackmail. It all sounds familiar to a regime in its last desperate stages.…/italys-salvini-faces-probe-into-t…