Italy’s Matteo Salvini shuts down the one-time largest migrant centre in the EU…

Italy’s Matteo Salvini shuts down the one-time largest migrant centre in the EU…

Italy’s Matteo Salvini shuts down the one-time largest migrant centre in the EU…

Yet, things are getting ‘out of hand’ with Brussels, which is determined to commit the EU to mass migration.

Meanwhile, hours ahead of Tuesday’s closure, an Italian customs boat arrived at the Sicilian port of Pozzallo carrying 47 illegal migrants who had been traveling to Italy’s Lampedusa island.

Brussels wants to resettle the migrants across the EU.

The migrants were said to come from Tunisia and sub-Saharan Africa. If Tunisia does not take them back, Europe should end all foreign aid, forbid any travel from Tunisia to Europe and cripple its leaders with economic sanctions.

This is completely insane. The leaders of Turkey, Africa and the ME just abuse the EU, which is extremely weak and can never be counted on to defend Europe.

1. EU Migration and Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos has called on the bloc’s 28 member states to reach a temporary arrangement on taking in migrants ‘until permanent reforms are agreed’.

Permanent reforms for the EU can only mean some form of permanent mechanism to redistribute mostly aggressive male migrants across the EU.

The exact opposite needs to happen, the migrants must be deported outside of Europe, but the West EU bloc does not believe in this and it is they who control the EU.

It’s becoming more apparent that the Central European nation states will eventually have to form their own union to defend its interests and values. The West EU bloc is committed to multicult, but they will not be satisfied until they force all in the “project” to embrace it.

2. Salvini has done a tremendous job. The number of arrivals on Italian territory has fallen dramatically from the total of 181,000 in 2016 to 3,071 so far this year.

This is why he can close this centre, but the illegals already here have just been transferred to other centers, as opposed to being deported outside of Europe.

This is a great start but not a winning long term strategy unless the migrants and smugglers witness the illegals being sent swiftly back to Africa.

There must be a deterrent or the smugglers will keep flooding Europe with aggressive males from alien and violent cultures.

3. Some ideas. Salvini said maritime surveillance in the Mediterranean needed to be “accelerated” and suggested the use of passenger ships to repatriate migrants to Tunisia.

Italy’s defence ministry is also reportedly planning to send navy vessels to accompany its coastguard to Italian ports to block humanitarian ships carrying migrants, according to Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Yes, there must be a clear message sent – behind closed doors – to the leaders of Tunisia and the UN to “play ball”. Again, the means to make this happen is there, but the will and courage may be lacking.

Instead of trying to deal with Macron (who will later stab them in the back), the leaders of Visegrad must unite to fully and publicly support the Salvini plan of using jumbo passenger ships to send the migrants back to Tunisia and to block all migrant ships with the Italian Navy.

This is a street fight that cannot be won by playing by the rules of the UN or Brussels…or by relying on the counterproductive EU party games of the past.