Italy’s Matteo Salvini suggests that Jean-Claude Juncker “ruined Europe and our country.”

Italy’s Matteo Salvini suggests that Jean-Claude Juncker “ruined Europe and our country.”

Italy’s Matteo Salvini suggests that Jean-Claude Juncker “ruined Europe and our country.”

This comes after disputes over Italy’s budget with the EU ahead of next year’s elections.

It’s just not migration that is deepening the rift between Brussels and the European nation states.

Yes, migration will shape the upcoming EU election in 2019; however, one should not overlook another vital debate that will be waged during the upcoming years…the definition of Europe itself.

Some envision a United States of Europe ruled by Eurocrats in Brussels, while others passionately believe in a Europe of nation states ruled by their own elected national parliaments.

Speaking at an agricultural trade fair in Rome, Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said: “The EU said yes to (past) budgets that impoverished Italy and made its situation precarious.”

“So I don’t get up in the morning thinking about the judgment that people like Juncker and (EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre) Moscovici, who have ruined Europe and Italy, have of the government and of Italy.”

According to Germany’s DW News, Salvini had threatened to seek damages from Juncker for scaring off investors by attacking Rome’s budget plans.

When asked by broadcaster La7 about Juncker’s opinion that Italy might pose a Greece-like threat to the euro, Salvini replied: “I talk to sober people who don’t make comparisons that aren’t here nor there.”

“He should drink two glasses of water before opening his mouth, and stop spreading non-existent threats,” Salvini continued. “Or we’ll ask him for damages.”

Speaking in Germany, Juncker said: “We have to do everything to avoid a new Greek or rather an Italian crisis this time. One crisis was enough.” The Commission president added there should be no “special treatment” for what he called Rome’s budget indiscipline.

Another EU clerk, Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, who is French and had slandered Salvini earlier with comparisons to Mussolini, said, “The Italians have… chosen a resolutely euroskeptic and xenophobic government that, on issues of migration and budget, is trying to get out of its European obligations.”

What does Moscovici mean when he refers to “European obligations”? Does he fail to see that Salvini, unlike the leaders of Spain or Greece, is defending all in Europe by stopping illegal migration and securing the external borders? Is France not benefiting from this? Does Moscovici want more “no-go-zones” and more illegals crossing into France?

Moreover, Moscovici is openly smearing Italian voters and other mainstream Europeans by suggesting that those who want the external borders secured are “xenophobic”. France seems to be full of leaders with delusions of grandeur that fail to realize their time has passed.

Few will dispute that Germany has benefited mightily from the euro while Italy has suffered. The government in Italy was elected by Italians, not meddling Eurocrats, and their leaders have every obligation to put the best interests of Italians first.

Why are these overrated and babbling EU opportunists from France and Luxembourg deciding how Italians manage their internal affairs? Is it in the best interests of Hungarians to have a EU Minister from Greece or a Green Party extremist from the Netherlands determining their migration policies?

Perhaps, this is the real battle for the heart and soul of Europe that must be waged in 2019. An EU superstate with centralized powers dictating from Brussels or free and sovereign European nation states determining their own destiny.

A United States of Europe with Frans Timmermans and Guy Verhofstadt determining the policies and values of Poland and others, or a Europe of nations ruled by their own elected national parliaments?

Game On! The bell has been rung and Salvini and Orban have answered…Onwards! ??