Italy’s Navy to begin Patrolling Libyan Ships: Should the V4 and other nation states be given credit for helping to force Italy’s hand?

Italy’s Navy to begin Patrolling Libyan Ships:  Should the V4 and other nation states be given credit for helping to force Italy’s hand?

Augurst 1, 2017

* Italy’s navy to start patrolling Libyan ships to curb human smuggling. What took them so long? Should the V4 and other nation states be given credit for helping to force Italy’s hand? The V4 Report definitely says “Yes”.

– The V4’s defiance of the EU’s migrant quotas is starting to have a positive impact on the migration crisis in two ways:

1. The EU targeted 120,000 migrants to be relocated from Greece and Italy to other EU states by September 2017. This would have been a disaster that would have “bailed-out” nations that promoted open-entry and only encouraged more of this type of behavior at the border. If it had succeeded, this would have guaranteed an ongoing stream of migrants and endless quotas.

The V4 nations led the defiance in opposition to this. They were ridiculed unmercifully, but it seems to be working. As of today, the EU has met stiff resistance to relocation and has only been able to redistribute about 25,000 migrants. The EU success rate is a mere 20%. Strong leadership attracts others to the cause, even if others practice the resistance silently, as many have. Yet, somebody had to take the initial lead (and the scorn) in opposing these quotas. We believe Viktor Orban and the V4 answered the bell for Europe.

2. As a result, Italy’s prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni, does not want to wait any longer for EU countries to show “solidarity” in distributing asylum seekers throughout the bloc. On Thursday he announced in Rome that the Italian navy would be patrolling with Libyan ships just off the Libyan coastline. The aim, Gentiloni says, is to curb human trafficking and bring migrants back from the smugglers’ boats to Libya.

Quite frankly, we do not believe Gentiloni would be taking this type of action to curb migration if he possessed a “permanent mechanism” to redistribute the migrants to others. Why else did he wait so long? It can be argued that the relocation proposals put forth by Brussels delayed the necessary action to force Italy to secure their border. Once again, the leaders of Brussels, intent on pushing their multicult agenda, may have intensified and prolonged the crisis.

– Indeed, Italian government statistics say that around 600,000 people have arrived in Italian ports since the start of the crisis in 2014. This is shocking, but many were once able to move on. It is unclear how many have since traveled on to Austria, France or Switzerland. Once migrants are registered in Italy and accommodated in camps, they are not held there. This is another reason why the Interior Minister of the Czech Republic offered experts and personal to set up detention centers in Italy to prevent the migrants from roaming.

– In addition to the V4’s refusal to accept migrant quotas, other nations are starting to secure their borders with Italy to deny their leaders a vehicle to “wave-through” migrants to others. For example, the article states that 300 migrants are currently sleeping on the beach in Ventimiglia, on the French border, hoping to take a bus or train to France. However, the border is being policed by French officials. Migrants who are caught are sent back to Italy. Austria has announced that it too will close its border with Italy if the number of migrants starts to rise.

We read the news quite closely from the Czech Republic, and we hear what the anti-V4/pro-German media elites and so-called “Prague intellectuals” are saying about the leaders of the V4. Their venom is intense, but it is also false.

The leaders of the V4 are being attacked by the leaders in Brussels for a reason: It is not because they are failing or ineffective, but because they are slowly but surely changing the debate on migration inside of Europe.

Czech journalist Jiri Pehe would like to see the Czechs suspend participation in the V4 until the political leaders change. No doubt, he prefers the “responsible” Merkel boot-lickers, who will just roll-over for EU Solidarity. How did that work out for Sweden?

We hate to disappoint Mr. Pehe, but as Viktor Orban likes to say, “It does not work that way in Central Europe.”

Onward V4! Stay strong and united….your time has come.