Italy’s Salvini risks new trial over alleged ‘migrant kidnapping’.

Italy’s Salvini risks new trial over alleged ‘migrant kidnapping’.

Italy’s Salvini risks new trial over alleged ‘migrant kidnapping’.

If this goes through, and it may given the political atmosphere in both Catania and Palermo, Italy will be finished and will no longer be able to control its borders. Instead, it will be at the mercy of the smugglers and open-border NGOs…and it won’t just be Italy that will be cooked, but all of Europe as well.

Brussels wanted Salvini out of the way in order to commit the EU to mass migration. In retrospect, it was a colossal mistake to allow the three EU establishment parties to isolate and blackball Salvini at the EU Summit.

* Migrant kidnapping? How can this be? Salvini was defending Europe by preventing illegals from entering Italy. How is this kidnapping? The NGO migrant transfer boats were free to find another safe port but instead used the migrants as props for a political show.

Migrants “rescued” at sea only have to be provided with a safe place, which can be a ship. There is absolutely no obligation to grant entry.

– In a court document seen by Reuters, magistrates in the Sicilian city of Palermo asked parliament for authorization to continue an investigation into the League leader on suspicion of kidnapping 107 migrants on the Spanish charity boat Open Arms.

“(Salvini) denied, without a proper reason, the (ship’s)request for a place of safety sent to his office… knowingly causing an illegitimate deprivation of migrants’ personal liberty,” the court document reads.

In an almost identical case due to come before parliament this month, the senate is expected to authorize magistrates in the Sicilian city of Catania to put Salvini on trial on another migrant kidnapping charge.

* Few, besides the League and Brothers of Italy, are concerned about the best interests of Italians. It’s all about the migrants, the EU’s privileged class.