Janša announces referendum in Slovenia over UN Migration Compact.

Janša announces referendum in Slovenia over UN Migration Compact.

Janša announces referendum in Slovenia over UN Migration Compact.

Meanwhile, comedian and current PM Šarec continues to repeat empty and rehearsed EU slogans to support the Migration Manifesto. He sounds like Andrej Plenkovic.

Maybe Šarec will enjoy the hordes of UN investigators along with Amnesty Slovenia smearing his border guards as racist and intolerant in the near future. This isn’t some comic show or theatre…just ask Italy.

– SDS leader Janez Janša announced his party would seek an advisory referendum on the UN Global Compact for Migration as discussion in parliament reaffirmed the divide among parties on the matter.

While we wish Janša the best in his fight, the former comedian and current leader of Slovenia, Marjan Šarec – despite his manipulative talk – has always intended to accept the Compact, whether openly or quietly handing over the ball to Minister Miro Cerar.

Slovenian Prime Minister Šarec will not go to Marrakech: The games of deception continue as gutless leaders run away from Marrakech, fearing that voters will blame them for accepting the UN Migration Pact.

– Šarec told the National Assembly on Monday that by acceding to the UN Global Compact for Migration, Slovenia would not lose sovereignty in that field. He stressed that the document did not equalise legal and illegal migration.

Nice EU political slogans, but Šarec knows full well that he cannot guarantee either, considering that past UN ‘declarations” have been used as a basis to establish international law.

Moreover, the UN compact and other EU initiatives are designed to systematically transform illegal migration into legal migration by broadening the definition of a ‘refugee’ and changing the method of transfer. In our opinion, the words written in the document clearly intend to equalize illegal and legal migration. Regardless, it will not matter if today’s illegal migrants are tomorrow’s legal migrants.

However, Šarec seems to have let the cat out of the bag when he pointed out that some countries “which have much bigger problems with migration than us”, like Spain, had acceded to the UN Global Compact for Migration.

Exactly. Surely, Šarec does not believe Spain wants to keep all those migrants. Spain supports the Compact precisely because it is seeking avenues to share the migrants it unilaterally grants entry to with others in Europe, including Slovenia.

Why does Šarec not mention Africa’s enthusiastic support for the Compact? How many Slovenians are scheduled to migrate to Nigeria?

Behind the ‘non-binding’ EU group talking points lingers a document that seeks to establish more basis for future international laws. The UN Compact will attempt to handcuff the nation states in an effort to commit Europe to mass migration by turning illegal migration into legal migration.

If the UN Compact was just a piece of paper with little relevance, as Brussels and others claim, then why the desperation to get all EU states to ratify it?

If it smells like a mouse…it’s probably a rat.