Kaczynski warns coalition partners not to vote against EU plan

Kaczynski warns coalition partners not to vote against EU plan

Poland: Dissension in ruling party coalition?

Serious fundamental differences regarding the scope of the EU. This is a risky topic and one has to be careful because the Tusk rainbow opposition on left in Poland is despicable…but PiS has to be careful not to discourage its base either.

In our opinion, PM Morawiecki has been disappointing since the 2019 EU Summit, where he supported the von der Leyen Commission. He even seems to have held up the drive to exit the ‘gender crazy’ Istanbul Convention. One is either for “more nations of Europe” or “more EU”.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s Law & Justice Party is at odds with one of its partners over the EU’s massive 750 billion euro ($890 billion) pandemic package. Kaczynski warns coalition partners not to vote against the EU plan.

Yet, United Poland makes a valid case against this bloated package, which the V4 Report believes expands the scope of Brussels and represents another step towards a federal EU.

Junior coalition member United Poland opposes the EU package because its leader, Zbigniew Ziobro, says it allows the bloc to issue its own debt and it’s not in Poland’s interest to co-sign liabilities for countries with weaker economies…plus it links funds to the so-called rule of law mechanism.

One is either for “more EU” (which includes larger budgets and more control) or for the sovereignty of the European nation-states.

It’s difficult to expect less harassment from Brussels while voting to expand its scope and budget.

One has to stop the growth of the EU; if not, at some point, it will expand beyond the point of no return.