“a la carte” Solidarity: Some in EU “part-time” Europeans at the border

“a la carte” Solidarity: Some in EU “part-time” Europeans at the border

There is one thing the EU does a good job at: inventing useless slogans.  The latest seems to be “a la carte” solidarity. Of course, this is a term of EU president Donald Tusk that was first directed at Brexit, and now is aimed at those EU states that refuse migrants but “want the other benefits” of the EU.  It all sounds so simple guys.

Tusk should know solidarity can only exist when all agree to forge ahead for a common goal; forcing others to accept something they do not believe in, nor desire to achieve, is not solidarity.  The V4 and others, who oppose the forced migrant quotas, never advocated mass migration, open borders or multicult.  To the contrary, they advocated a secure border and other measures to tackle the crisis from the beginning.  They were shocked at Angela Merkel’s open invitation on the behalf of GERMANY for all to come, and have no desire for the cultural clashes they see in France, Belgium or Sweden.  There was never any solidarity for this, nor will there ever be.

If one wants to start labeling others as “part-time” Europeans, the V4 should be asking where the help is securing the EU border.  The one must for the safety of Europeans is a secure border and knowing just who is coming to your shores. Yet, only the V4 states are sending police to help others secure their borders from the wave-through policy of others. This is solidarity where it counts, doing their best to protect all Europeans.

What are EUCO, Merkel and Renzi doing?  How are they doing “their part” in securing the border?  They are sending EU boats close to the coast of Libya to transport migrants to the EU, knowing full well that 90% are economic migrants that will have to be sent back.  Good luck with that.  In the meantime, they are exposing Europeans to more Cologne’s, more multicult mayhem, and more terror.

The V4 has taken strong action to control the events in their countries, and as a result, their streets are safe and calm.  Sweden, Germany and Western Europe have allowed the masses to control them; their people are tense and unsure of their future.

If one seeks part-time Europeans, they can visit Matteo Renzi in Italy or Alex Tsipras in Greece.  They are all for the EU when it comes to “migrant quota bailouts”, but have shown little courage or solidarity with their utter surrender of Europe’s first line of defense: the EU’s external border.  This is a recipe for unlimited migrants and endless Quotas.  If this is EU solidarity, Brexit looks like the tastiest item on the menu.