Legalizing ‘illegal migration’.

Legalizing ‘illegal migration’.

Legalizing ‘illegal migration’.

The push is on by the usual open-border zealots to release the migrants from detention to the public and/or to grant them so-called “temporary citizenship”, which will no doubt turn into a permanent status.

The UN, EU Commission, the Council of Europe and hardened EU socialists/greens (just don’t call them commies 🤫) are focused on committing the EU to mass migration. This is why they speak of “managing” migration in a safe, orderly and regular way.

They do not intend to stop the masses from entering Europe, but to turn illegal migration into legal migration.

Even at the height of the virus, the EU refuses to return the migrants back to their countries of origin or to use tough measures to prevent the migrants from roaming the streets.

Germany (Lufthansa) and others proudly announce how many citizens they have returned home with many flights all over the world, but refuse to return the illegals back to their countries of origin to actually protect their own citizens. They have the capacity to return the migrants fast and in great numbers, but the courage and will are both lacking.

1). The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Organization for Migration, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and the World Health Organization (WHO) gathered for a joint statement:

“The situation for refugees and migrants held in formal and informal places of detention, in cramped and unsanitary conditions, is particularly worrying,” the U.N. statement said.

Due to the lethal consequences of COVID-19, they should be released without delay, they urged.

2). Multicult zealots at the Council of Europe call for release of migrants across Europe. The COE also wants to unleash the illegals to roam streets of Europe. This is reckless and negligent.

3). EU Migrant Minister from Sweden (Ylva Johannson) welcomes the decision by Prime Minister of Portugal to grant so-called “temporary citizenship” to migrants and asylum seekers in Portugal. Will this be the next model for EU?

4). An obscure, leftist Socialist from Portugal grants temporary citizenship to migrants amid virus, cites need for migrant solidarity.

** Europe is being overwhelmed into submission; it’s time to break free from the chains of slavery. The sky will not fall without Brussels; its better to embrace the freedom to determine one’s own destiny and future. There needs to be some type of Three Seas Model that better reflects the values and beliefs of the V4 and CEE states. The Multicult EU Project is madness.