Libyan coastguard burns a migrant smuggling vessel in Mediterranean (VIDEO).

Libyan coastguard burns a migrant smuggling vessel in Mediterranean (VIDEO).

* Libya-Italy: Libyan coastguard burns a migrant smuggling vessel in Mediterranean (VIDEO). However, the left-wing Italian government is still granting entry to aggressive male migrants from Africa.

** The Libyan naval defense intercepted 1,074 migrants in the Mediterranean on Saturday. 1,074 migrants in one day! Imagine if the NGO “rescue” ships arrived first to pick up their clients? They would be in Italy as we speak, awaiting relocation. Instead, the migrants were picked up by the Libyan coastguard west of the capital Tripoli, before being transferred to the city of Zawiya.

– Apparently, the video was filmed by someone who thought this would damage the reputation of the Libyan coastguard. We believe the opposite. This is exactly what needs to be done. All the migrants were safely transported back to Libya (not to Italy) and the smuggling boat was destroyed. This is the message that must be sent to the smugglers and illegal migrants to discourage their activities.

– Angela Merkel was wrong. The borders can be secured with strength, determination and some heavy “push-back”. How else does one prevent illegal migrants from “forcefully” trying to enter one’s territory?

PM Viktor Orban slashed illegal migration by 99% in Hungary because he took strong action to control events. Australia’s “pull-back” policy ended the illegal entries by sea. Finally, we are seeing some positive results in the Mediterranean due to the efforts of the Libyan coastguard and other “armed groups” on the ground who have prevented the migrant departures from the coast. The UN is not happy, but they are irrelevant and their agenda is at odds with the best interests of Europe.

– Europe has the tools to prevent the migrants from violating their borders. The only question remaining is if they have the will to fight? Central Europe understands the reality, but we still believe the leaders of Western Europe remain paralyzed from a multicult theology that prevents them from “rising from their knees”.

While we are encouraged by the actions of the Libyan coastguard, the government of Italy is still failing to fulfill its responsibility of securing the border. So-called “ghost boats” arrive at the beaches of Sicily dropping off mostly Tunisian passengers who then sprint inland and try to meld with the population. This past weekend, over 1,000 new migrants were granted entry to Italy. Hundreds of them came off the Aquarius, an NGO trafficking vessel operated by SOS Mediteranee. The socialist government in Italy remains a problem for Europe and is now blatantly exposing all to great dangers. Austria and others must seal their borders with Italy immediately to keep their migrants from “roaming” elsewhere.

– Many other challenges still remain for Europe, most notably the massive backlog of illegal migrants that must be deported outside of Europe’s borders. The V4 Report is alarmed over the new proposals being developed by Angela Merkel and Brussels to expand the migrant quota program to include migrants from Africa.

Instead of implementing a permanent and ongoing mechanism to deport the migrants, we believe the EU will attempt to solve the crisis through “relocation”. EU Minister Federica Mogherini, the former youth communist from Italy, has said, “we must insist on it”. Please see our following post regarding her reckless words.

We do believe Viktor Orban, Poland and the V4 states are winning the debate on migration, but it’s far from over. This will be a long-term battle. The V4 and CEE nation states must remain vigilant and they must work together to combat the negative influence of Germany, France and the EU Core.

Eventually, the EU will have to be broken into smaller, less-intrusive regional alliances which better reflect the values and beliefs of its people. The leaders of Western Europe cannot force their cultural Marxism on the people of Central Europe. This will not be tolerated and will eventually lead to the demise of the EU.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.