Locals outraged over nine minors sent to a local school in Lesvos

Locals outraged over nine minors sent to a local school in Lesvos

Greece: Locals outraged over nine illegals (so-called minors 😂) sent to a local school in Lesvos.

The Greek families say the illegals are 25 years old and do not belong in such a school setting with young students.

The school officials seem clueless to the fact that the illegals are taught by the NGOs to lie about their age. Officials say the illegals (Turkey is a safe country) registered certificates in the Panhellenic school network stated that their birth dates were between 2005 and 2008. 😂👌

The illegals are from Afghanistan and Syria and live in apartments provided by NGO activists. How convenient. 🤨

The whole situation from 2015 onwards is an abomination and stain on the EU and governments that exposed all Europeans and their children to great risks like this.

This is a pure invasion of aggressive illegals from alien cultures who do not seek to integrate but to dominate. Does one like what they see for non-Muslims in the Middle East? It’s coming to the EU.

This has changed Western Europe forever; better for the V4 and CEE states to exit both the multicult project and Council of Europe (ECHR court).

With free movement and other intangibles, in the long term, one cannot maintain sovereignty and culture as an EU “member state”.
The numbers are not getting better.