Macedonia Border Violence; A Preview of Merkel Vision

Macedonia Border Violence; A Preview of Merkel Vision

The Macedonia border. Disgusted, enraged, shocked are the words to describe the feelings from watching the mob violence today at the Macedonia-Greece border.  The migrants are not some merry band of “Dora’s Explorers” as the manipulative media portrays them. Watch the video and judge yourself.  They are healthy young men from violent regions and they have no intention of respecting the culture or laws of Europe.

Mostly Afghan economic migrants that have no business in Europe, they tried to impose their aggressive will on Macedonia to dictate their demands by taking a battering ram to the border wall.  The courageous border guards repelled them with tear gas, forcing them to flee.  However, they will be back tommorow with support from Merkel, the UN, and their tools in the media screaming “tolerance and humanity”.  Yet, what type of values sacrifice the safety of your own citizens under the false flag of humanity?

While Europe melts down in mayhem, Angela Merkel remains an obstacle, obsessed with her legacy and delusions of grandeur.  She attempts to mollify with useless spin that talks of deportation, deals with Erdogan, and “we can do it solidarity”.  In reality, she has one vision only and that’s her own.  This writer has said for six months that Merkel has no intention of securing the border, migrant limits, or meaningful deportation.  She has no will or intention to do this.  Merkel’s only plan is unlimited refugees via an endless refugee redistribution scheme for the rest of Europe.  The V4 must defy her on this to save Europe’s Soul.  They have no other choice.

There are many questions that Merkel, EUCO, and Greece must be held accountable for.  Why expose your citizens and others to this negligence?  Did they not see the chaos and danger of allowing undocumented men, from regions well-known for persecuting non-Muslims, to just roam the streets of Europe?  This outrage of Open Borders is a false humanity – an act of pure vanity with no regard to the consequences their actions will have on others.

There is only one solution now and this involves sidelining Merkel and Greece from the debate.  They have failed to answer the bell, so others will choose for them:

1.  Greece will not turn the boats back, this is clear.  However, their border is the EU border and their weakness puts others at risk.  Viktor Orban and the V4 need to follow through with their border closing in Macedonia and Bulgaria.  In other words, Greece must be isolated and shut off.  Sounds tough, but this is Greece’s choice.  They made their own bed when they chose to surrender their border without a fight.

2.  All the economic migrants must be sent home and deported outside of Europe. One cannot allow the mob to dictate border/migration policy.  It will not be pretty, but a tough message must be sent to curb the demand.  The Australian government did it and so did President Eisenhower, who deported 400,000 illegals back to Mexico (the other 600,000 self-deported once they got wind of the rough trip back home).  It can be done; it must be done.

3.  If Afghanistan or Africa balks at receiving back their citizens, the EU states must cut off all aid to these countries until they adjust their attitude.  They will get the message and will have no choice but to relent.

4.  Turkey and the smugglers would be rendered powerless if the EU shuts their door to Greece.  Sure, Greece would be miserable for a bit, but life there would be difficult if not intolerable.  Word travels fast among migrants and more would go home, stay home, or go back to the camps in the Middle East.  Europe could then help with funds to improve the conditions in those camps. True war refugees need to be close to home, not in Europe, to get the most efficient assistance.

It did not have to be this way.  Merkel encouraged all to come and Greece just waved them through.  The results have not been pretty and Europeans have become second class citizens, exposed to unnecessary dangers.  If the borders were secured from the start, the true refugees from Syria could have been vetted and identified in Turkey in an orderly and safe fashion.

Instead, things will have to be done the hard way with force and much angst and hardship.  But there is no other choice.  Merkel, Greece, and Juncker failed Europe; no longer can they hold the continent hostage to their naive and dangerous fantasies.

New leaders have emerged from the East to save a Continent in Chaos.  The time has come for the Visegrad4, they are the future.  The Era of Merkel and Old Europe is over.  Their Vision has been rejected.