Macron and France have surrendered

Macron and France have surrendered

Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, etc. will follow. Once flooded with aggressive immigrants from alien cultures, it is too late.
It’s a demographic tsunami and France has no idea what to do.
But France was lost decades ago when its establishment embraced multicult and allowed the influence of Saudi Arabia to establish roots.

This is no surprise. Macron and his Renew Europe male feminist club have always been fakes, especially Rutte, Michel, and the Benelux bunch.

But one cannot blame this all on Macron. France and the entire establishment encouraged mass migration from alien cultures for decades. They were warned (Death of the West) decades ago by others who knew better.

But they refused to change. And what about those soft, fake EPP conservatives in France who enabled Macron and refused to ally with those on the right who opposed this multicultural experiment?

Macron is all talk, and as Visegrad leaders found out in 2019, he cannot be trusted. The deal regarding the von der Leyen Commission was a debacle.

Macron may be a little snot…but he is not alone. The EU Commission is full of multicult zealots and its EU-wide migration reform is a time-bomb that will commit Europe to endless relocations and mass migration. No true defender of Europe or serious anti-migration leader can vote for this monstrosity in any shape or form.

There can be no ‘victory spin’ to try to please the voters at home; it must be unconditionally defeated.

But in the long run, there is only one way to defend one’s culture and way of life….one must deny entry from the start and do everything possible to prevent the migrant support networks that eventually overwhelm a country.

The V4 Report does not believe this can be accomplished long-term as part of the EU project.