Macron is all talk as he looks to next election

Macron is all talk as he looks to next election

Macron is all talk as he looks to the next election. Is this his plan to de-radicalize France?

France renews the ‘humanitarian corridor’ agreement to bring in 300 migrants from Lebanon camps.
One guesses deportation corridors are out of the question. Why does the EU talk such nonsense regarding some balanced approach to migration? 🤨

Non-stop net additions are not balanced. The only balance is the variety of methods (illegal and legal) used to flood Europe.

The V4 Report continues to believe that these legal migration programs involving resettlement must be scrapped until the huge backlog of illegals in Europe is deported first.

But we also grasp reality, and this will not happen. Not that it is impossible, but the will is simply lacking. West EU bloc governments are committed to mass migration and multicult.

Started in Italy in 2016, humanitarian corridors have already resettled more than 3,500 migrants to Europe. They now have homes in countries such as Italy, France, Belgium, and Andorra.

The West EU bloc has clearly failed with its multicult experiment. Unfortunately, at this point, France and others are in too deep.
Now they are forced to rely on all kinds of unproven integration programs which entail fatal risks if not successful.

Good luck, but we prefer the methods of Hungary and the V4, which have prevented entry, parallel societies, and establishment of the vast migrant support networks one sees in France, Sweden, and Germany.

Instead, they concentrate on supporting the refugees in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, which is more efficient compared to relocation.