Macron lectures Poland and Visegrad…again.

Macron lectures Poland and Visegrad…again.

Macron lectures Poland and Visegrad…again.

This time, Macron urges French climate protesters to target Poland. He has also suggested punishing states like Visegrad who refuse to participate in assisting and encouraging illegal migration by taking-in EU migrant quotas.

France is a mess but it’s leaders are still full of delusions of grandeur, unaware that their time has passed.

As we said during the EU Summit, it was a mistake for Visegrad to deal with Macron on any level. He is a scheming, anti-V4 purist, and will try to use leftists like the Slovakian president to divide Visegrad.

Which begs another question that few in the media seem willing to press Czech PM Andrej Babis on? Why is Babis aligned with super-EU federalists Macron and Guy Verhofstadt at Renew Europe?

– French President Emmanuel Macron has annoyed Poland by urging climate activists to move their protests from Paris to Poland, a nation that is heavily dependent on coal.

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek said Monday that Macron “is aware” that his country was trying hard to reduce carbon emissions. He hoped that “in this area as well as in other areas, he will refrain from this kind of lecturing which, in his case, has become tiring.”

More than tiring, it’s quite obnoxious and Poland must knock him back down to size.

The spat began with Macron’s comments on a flight to the United Nations on Sunday, when he said Poland had blocked his efforts to make the EU commit to carbon neutrality in 2050, along with the Czech Republic, Hungary and Estonia.

“Marching every Friday to say that the planet is burning, that’s nice, but that is not the problem,” Macron told reporters, adding people should “go protest in Poland! Help me move those I cannot push forward.”

* Macron was given what he wanted at the EU Summit, including isolating Salvini in Italy. This was a clear mistake, as Macron now believes he is the King.

It’s time for Visegrad to start pounding Macron as they did before the EU Summit. He is the biggest threat to the integrity of the nation state and he will eventually push to commit all in the EU to mass migration.

Macron and his vision of an all-powerful, multicult super-state is detested by many in Central Europe and his arrogance is repulsive; yet, there is one place that he is worshiped…Brussels.

Perhaps, the main problem is not some French feminist progressive who enjoys looking at himself in the mirror (who is the greatest EU Man after all), but the EU leviathan that enables him to carry on with his ‘dog and pony’ show.

Visegrad needs to smack him down, sending him back on his knees to his allies in Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain and Portugal.

Things work differently in Visegrad.