Macron’s Migrant Merry-Go-Round. 🎠🎡

Macron’s Migrant Merry-Go-Round. 🎠🎡

Macron’s Migrant Merry-Go-Round. 🎠🎡

What in the world is CZ PM Andrej Babis doing with these rabid EU federalists of Renew Europe?

With elections approaching, Macron is trying to be seen as “tough” on illegal migration, but, beyond the misleading soundbites, what is he really doing about it?

Deporting to Africa? Not really.

One example: Macron is said to have dismantled the camps north of Paris. One may have gotten the wrong impression that they would be deported out of Europe. Guess again.

Where were the 1,600 migrants taken from Paris camps?

They were sent to some 20 locations in the Paris region, including gymnasiums, situation review centers and a refugee support center.

How does this help again? The illegals may not be in tents, but they are still in Europe.

Good luck with that!