Macron’s “Pep Rally” in Austria with three “irrelevant” socialists. All roads to V4 lead through Hungary & Poland.

Macron’s “Pep Rally” in Austria with three “irrelevant” socialists. All roads to V4 lead through Hungary & Poland.

* Macron’s Pep Rally in Central Europe: Three members of the extremist Party of European Socialists (PES) and the President of France put on a meaningless political show designed to boost Macron’s ratings at home. It was a nice theatre for Macron, but the dynamics will be much different in both Austria and the Czech Republic in a few months.

** Robert Fico and Donald Tusk both put their personal ambitions above the best interests of their people. Tusk originally convinced his party, Civic Platform, to vote for the original EU migrant quotas in 2015. The Law and Justice quickly reversed this travesty, but Tusk continues to undermine his own country in Brussels.

– The appointed Chancellor of Austria, Christian Kern, was not elected by the people and clearly will be tossed out of office this fall. He has no legitimacy and his party allowed Austria, on orders from Berlin, to be flooded with migrants. Crimes committed by the migrants are disproportionately high in Austria. We posted the Interior Minister’s statistics on this subject a few months ago. Kern has a bitter disdain for Viktor Orban and his role is to try to separate the V4 Group.

– The PM of the Czech Republic, Bohuslav Sobotka, will be gone in 2018. He is so unpopular that he did not even bother to defend his post. Yet, this can provide the EU with leverage over Sobotka if he is trying to land a position at Brussels after his term ends.

– The PM of Slovakia, Robert Fico, is an ex-communist repackaged as a “social democrat”. Just as the Polish people rejected Donald Tusk, the Slovaks will not follow Fico down the multicult “EU Core” path. They know his character is weak and are suspicious of his sudden reversal.

Old, tired and weak, the EU Core is melting-down from internal weakness and cultural Marxism. The leaders of the EU were not elected, nor do they represent the values of Europe. Central Europeans still believe in a culture and must build their own regional foundation to balance the heavy influence of Germany and France. The Three Seas Initiative is designed to engage the world, while preventing any major power – from East or West – from dominating Central Europe again.

The men pictured below are not the future of Europe and neither is the Party of European Socialists. Yesterday’s communists and socialists are often today’s European Progressives. They need to be buried with the past.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.