Macron “Pep Rally” in Central Europe a Failure.

Macron “Pep Rally” in Central Europe a Failure.

* As we reported on August 26th, the Emmanuel Macron Central European Summit in Vienna with Christian Kern, Bohuslav Sobotka and Robert Fico – all members of the Party of European Socialists (PES) – was a complete failure.

** Macron tried to “isolate” Viktor Orban and the ruling party of Poland, but the President of France must realize that all roads to Central Europe lead through Hungary and Poland. While Macron may disdain them, he cannot ignore them.

*** Today, Macron’s influence, questionable to begin with, is shrinking faster than the fortunes of Christian Kern in Austria. Outside of France, he is irrelevant and is viewed by many as Germany’s obedient student. Both Kern and Sobotka will likely be gone in 2018.

As for Viktor Orban and Beata Szydlo? They are surging in the polls and having a “real” impact on the migration debate in Europe.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.