Malta High Drama 🙄. But all know the final outcome.

Malta High Drama 🙄. But all know the final outcome.

Malta High Drama 🙄. But all know the final outcome.

– Malta backs down on Operation Irini veto, abstains on force commander appointment.

Instead of deporting illegals back to countries of origin (most are not Libyan), Malta wants to burden all of Europe and is awaiting another Germany/EU grand scheme to relocate illegals across EU.

The foreign minister informed the EU that “1% of the Maltese population are irregular migrants waiting in centres ready to be processed.” Ok, they are obviously not refugees but illegal immigrants, so process and deport.

Malta must realize that the relocation of illegal immigrants is not honorable, nor is it defined in any way as “defending EU borders”.

The EU is locked in the “Twilight Zone” and an endless cycle of relocation: more illegals will be lured to Malta, the government will whine and complain again about solidarity, and then Macron and Merkel will develop plans to bail-out Malta with transfers to the EU.

This is exactly how one turns illegal migration into legal migration while committing the EU to mass migration.

– Threats of resignations, vetoes, surrender, etc….high drama in Malta continues. But who does not know the final outcome? 😂

Talks are already in the works as the EU Commission has requested the identities, ages, languages spoken, etc. of the illegals from the government of Malta.

The fact that the government of Malta backed down on Operation Irini veto reveals a deal is already in the works but is still being finalized (that is, the EU is trying to coerce more EU states to take the illegals).

Meanwhile, Malta just ‘rescued’ another 140 illegal immigrants to add to its total. One guesses Tunisia was full or not part of UN agenda of population replacement. 🤨

– Probably the most pathetic actor in this whole spectacle is Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo, who threatened to resign weeks ago as part of the theatre but is still there feeding off the system.

But Bartolo should be removed from his position and has admittedly allowed his country to be held hostage by human smugglers: “Like the people they pack on the boats, we are being left at the mercy of human traffickers and people smugglers,” he insisted.

This is weak and whose fault is this? Viktor Orban faced similar circumstances in 2015 by land but he did not rollover like a helpless wimp; instead, he took the necessary actions to defend his country and its people and culture.

Speaking of responsibility, how many illegals has Malta deported out of Europe?