Malta refuses to allow 400 refugees to come ashore

Malta refuses to allow 400 refugees to come ashore

Malta takes a stand while Italy remains on its knees.

What is going on in Italy with this all-inclusive, united government? It’s a nightmare.

– Malta denied entry to 400 transferred illegals on Sea-Eye 4 NGO ship.

The Sea-Eye 4 migrant ship will now sail to Palermo after the mayor says the city is open to them.

Actions have benefits or consequences, depending on one’s choices.
– Sea-Eye chairman Gorden Isler said that the Maltese authorities had rejected their request for a safe harbor.
Later in the afternoon as the migrant ship sailed closer to the Italian island of Sicily, Leoluca Orlando, the mayor of Palermo told Sea-Eye that his city was open to them.

“Palermo with its port and all its social organizations is ready to welcome,” Mr. Leoluca said. “The decision of the competent authorities is awaited.”

Poor Italy…caught up in the EU’s euros for illegals scheme, at least this is what it sounds like. Of course, Draghi wants to export the illegals to others in the EU, but how many hundreds of thousands have already been ‘waved through since 2015?

Salvini is calling for the borders to be defended but has yet to link this simple request (a duty actually) with his continued participation in the government.

Salvini has to be frustrated…just like many of us puzzled by his recent moves.

The V4 Report does not question Salvini’s sincerity regarding migration, but we do question his judgment and believe he was given terrible advice by some Lega and EPP-Forza officials.