Malta scolded by Council of Europe (COE).

Malta scolded by Council of Europe (COE).

Malta scolded by Council of Europe (COE).

Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner, Dunja Mijatović, called on the authorities in Malta to investigate allegations that, either through delayed responses to distress calls or by deliberate pushbacks, migrants had been disembarked in Libya despite reaching the Maltese rescue zone.

While we remain adamantly opposed to the government of Malta’s attempts to relocate the illegals throughout the EU and it’s constant calls for an EU-wide migrant distribution scheme, it has every right to defend its borders as it sees fit and has no obligation to grant entry to illegal migrants.

The threats and unrealistic demands from this Dunja Mijatović (pictured below in BiH) and the COE are becoming more frequent and outrageous. The COE has attacked Hungary, Italy (Salvini), Croatia, Greece, Austria, etc in some form or another regarding border control or migration (it meddles in other areas too, but this for another time).

The commissioner added that she would continue to call for better cooperation from Council of Europe member states (different from EU) to boost search and rescue capacity in the region.

* Every global multicult network seems to have “member states” they wish to control; it is easy to see how one can lose its identity….which is a big part of the problem.

As we have said before, we believe the Council of Europe and its Court is even more oppressive than Brussels (not an easy task) at handcuffing the nation states and preventing them from properly defending their borders, culture and people.

Maybe one should think of withdrawing from the Council of Europe first. Whatever it once was some 70 years ago, it has morphed into another far-left organization infested with multicult zealots promoting mass migration and attacking the sovereignty of the nation state.

The sky will not fall without the COE or any one of its unelected busybodies.