Markus Söder continues to lead the CSU of Bavaria down the path of self-destruction.

Markus Söder continues to lead the CSU of Bavaria down the path of self-destruction.

Markus Söder continues to lead the CSU of Bavaria down the path of self-destruction.

Söder claims “Nothing good would come of it” in reference to working with Matteo Salvini and other anti-migration nationalists.

What “good” has come out of working with Merkel and Martin Schultz’s Socialists in Germany? Tell us Markus…leaving out the part of elevating your own position of power?

Whatever it was once was, the CSU sold its Soul and is no longer a conservative party. They have become ‘little associates’ to the CDU. They were even willing to form a Coalition with the radical Greens and Ska Keller.

* “Nothing good would come of it.” Markus Söder and the CSU (Germany) should have said this before preserving the Grand Coalition, which enabled Angela Merkel to carry-on from 2015.

Beaten-down by Angela Merkel and the CDU for years, the CSU abandoned all principles in order to stay in power with Merkel. It was Söder and the CSU that enabled Merkel and her open-border policies, which flooded Bavaria with aggressive male migrants from alien cultures.

Was it worth it, Markus?

Rather than risking their own seats of power and engaging in any meaningful opposition, Söder and the CSU meekly rolled-over and were content with ‘useless gestures’ from Merkel in order to preserve the Grand Coalition.

What good came of it, Markus?

** While Germany did very little to stop the waves of illegal migration (and actually encouraged it with a welcoming culture combined with generous benefits), it was Viktor Orban’s wall and policies (plus others that participated in the original Balkan closing) that indirectly secured Germany’s borders. The situation in Germany is a fiasco, but it would have been far worse without Orban’s defiance of Merkel.

As for “what good” can come from Matteo Salvini, one does not have to wait to find out. Salvini has closed the ports and virtually stopped illegal migration by sea into Italy, which has already benefited all of Europe, especially Germany. What country does Söder think the migrants were targeting? Latvia or Estonia?

Bottom-line: The CSU put its own self-interests above the best interests of Germany. Now, they will spurn Salvini and Orban on the European level to work with the pro-EU, pro-migration parties of Socialists, Liberals (ALDE), Greens and even Macron’s movement.

The CSU was a willing member of the Grand Coalition that has changed Germany forever. The consequences will be severe for future generations.

The last thing Europe needs is to be ruled by a Grand Coalition of German “conservatives” and their allies on the Left. It is a recipe for disaster.