Masquerade 🎭 ball over for the EPP Group.

Masquerade 🎭 ball over for the EPP Group.

Masquerade 🎭 ball over for the EPP Group.

Malta: PN leader Adrian Delia (EPP Group) tells EU Migration Minister Ylva Johansson that illegal migrants from NGO transfer boats must be redistributed among EU states.

It’s funny how the EU Commission and parties like the EPP like to bring up the term ‘repatriation’ as camouflage when proposing migrant relocation schemes for all of EU. Who do they think they are fooling? Neither the bellicose Delia, the EPP or the EU Commission are sincere about deporting out of Europe…or this would have been done long ago.

– One of Donald Tusk’s boys with the EPP Group in Malta wants to convene another summit to demand the relocation of illegal migrants across EU.

Yes, the same Delia who has urged Tusk and the EPP to show Orban the exit door (hopefully, Orban will soon find his own way out of this increasingly bizarre party that has made a habit of attacking the sovereignty of the nation states).

– Delia asked the President of the EU People’s Party (EPP) Donald Tusk to put “irregular immigration” on the agenda of an urgent summit. “Little is being seen as a commitment from the rest of the European countries to properly share the burden,” Delia said.

Delia added, “No one wants us to be in this state. The Nationalist Party has always put people’s lives first and we will never allow people to lose their lives in the Mediterranean, but after these people have been rescued, it is necessary to immediately enter a mechanism of repatriation and distribution of people rescued among the other European Union countries.”

* But just as the Visegrad states cannot force Malta to defend its borders…neither can Malta demand that Visegrad take-in migrants they do not want nor granted entry to.

The battle lines continue to be drawn between those who seek to relocate the illegals inside the EU and those who wish to deny entry while relocating the illegals outside of Europe.

Eventually, this project will be broken; there was never any European solidarity for mass migration or open borders. This is a German myth.