Matteo Salvini (Italy) vs Pope Francis (UN).

Matteo Salvini (Italy) vs Pope Francis (UN).

Matteo Salvini (Italy) vs Pope Francis (UN).

“Who am I to judge?”

Unfortunately, the current Pope is weak and may feel more comfortable at the headquarters of the UN.

But maybe this says it all about Pope Francis: What Pope (or any priest) would refuse to meet with one of its flock, even if he disagrees with his policies? If the article is correct, we find this attitude of Pope Francis petty, judgmental and small.

Isn’t this the same Pope who addresses the cultural Marxists at the UN?

Compare this to Saint John Paul II (JP2) who actually met with the man who tried to assassinate him.

Pope Francis should realize that open borders are a false humanity that expose all, including the migrants, to great risks. Maybe he should fight the temptation of vanity, which apparently convinced him to believe that only he has the answers to the most prudent way to assist the true refugees.

After all, the smugglers loved the border surrender of Italy’s previous government led by Matteo Renzi…which also lured the migrants to Libya and created the conditions in which deaths at sea spiked.

The Pope and many New Age Jesuits may want to concentrate on saving souls, instead of involving themselves with political issues in which they know little about.

– The Catholic Italian politician with whom Pope Francis reportedly refuses to meet because of his immigration stance held and kissed a rosary during a political rally over the weekend and invoked the Blessed Mother, drawing criticism from some quarters and support from others.

However, Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, has affirmed a nation’s right to differentiate between refugees and economic migrants and acknowledged a globalist effort to de-Christianize the West via mass migration. He has also criticized the idea that social justice issues such as immigration displace or are on the par with the Church’s primary purpose to save souls.