Matteo Salvini says no to Germany…will not sign migrant accord.

Matteo Salvini says no to Germany…will not sign migrant accord.

Matteo Salvini says no to Germany…will not sign migrant accord.

More in Europe must follow the lead of Salvini and Viktor Orban by standing-up to Angela Merkel and the “shipwrecked” government of Berlin.

The Grand Coalition in Germany is dead and its time for Europe to break free from its chains.

– Merkel is using delay tactics in an effort to force an “EU solution” on all. The idea of “signing agreements” with countries (Spain, Greece) to exchange migrants internally within Europe is useless and utter nonsense.

Moreover, her so-called “Marshall Plan” for Africa is naive, while she intends to turn Frontex into a “management” vehicle to commit the EU to mass migration.

Merkel has not changed and is again trying to distract others from the only viable solution…denying entry at the source and deporting the illegal migrants outside of Europe.

If Germany refuses to remove her, then others must sideline her. Angela Merkel has lost Europe.

– Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said he ”will not sign any agreement while Germany pretends to be deaf and does not respond with regard to our requests.”

In an interview with Vienna daily Die Presse, Salvini said, “I don’t sign pieces of agreements. The accord has been on my table for weeks but I have not signed anything yet”, he continued. ”We have always told Germany that the accord can only be part of a wider agreement, that we want to reform Dublin and the rules for ships rescuing migrants”.

Salvini stressed to the Austrian daily that ”our method works. Since we stopped the Diciotti vessel no more boats have arrived from Libya”.

According to Salvini, refugees rescued at sea are not shipwreck victims because ”they left to violate the law”. (The whole idea that these migrants being transported by the NGOs to Europe are “shipwrecked” is ludicrous and reveals the bankruptcy and desperation of the open-border cartels.)

Referring to a boosted EU border agency Frontex, Salvini added that ”Italy will analyze carefully what is truly included. National autonomy is an essential requirement. We need help to control the border and for rejections but we don’t need anybody to register refugees on our behalf in Italy and to bring more migrants”.

Does it get any more refreshing than Salvini and Orban? They must continue to march forward…because their fight is Europe’s fight.

Onwards! ??