“EU Solidarity” means Diktats from Germany

“EU Solidarity” means Diktats from Germany

Solidarity seems to be the word of the day for Angela Merkel and the EU.  We are told all of Europe must contribute, but to what?  Controlling the borders, deporting those economic migrants that do not belong, disrupting smugglers, creating “hot spots”, etc.?

These are the words we here from Merkel and her EU puppets, but I suspect this is mere “smoke and mirrors” for what they really want…more refugee quotas for the CEE nations.  Do we really believe Merkel will deport those, kicking and screaming, already here?  Greece or Italy will accept outside help to defend the borders?  The EU “coast guard” will actually play tough with those smugglers who flaunt their crimes right in front of them?

No, I am not sure anyone takes the EU seriously anymore after their feckless response to this crisis.  Their sudden embrace of “solidarity” comes after the fact that one country, Germany, acted unilaterally and others — Italy and Greece — refused help from others to secure the Border and sent “a wave” of undocumented migrants to roam freely inside the EU.

Merkel, in a solo act without the consultation of others, invited and lured them here with her “no limits” pledge despite the protests of many, most notably the Visegrad nations.   “We can do it”, roared Merkel, speaking of Germany’s greatness, their values and for Germany alone.  Maybe “solidarity” means something different in German.

Well, now that the whole world sees that the  “we can do it” pep rally is no substitute for a plan based on critical thinking, Merkel is discovering that the chaos and nightmare  she created must be shared by all in a “show of solidarity”.  Faced with a backlash from her own allies and people, and a problem she has no idea how to solve, she has suddenly seen the light of solidarity.

Merkel, who has little use for the Visegrad nations besides exporting to them, is not really interested in the tough decisions of defending the borders, exporting Africans, stopping the inflow of migrants, or properly identifying just who these refugees really are.  This is pure rhetoric in a slick effort to introduce a permanent and endless migrant redistribution scheme for the EU.

Merkel is undaunted by one or two or even three million migrants. She has no plans to halt the migrants coming here and no stomach to send them back; she enjoys the “international savior” image the media has assigned to her. Merkel also knows that Germany alone cannot handle all of them, but does think the entire EU can, whether they want to or not. Solidarity is a two-way street Angela.

Merkel has one hand to play to save her legacy and she is betting all on “refugee quotas”.  It’s up to Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, etc to call her bluff.  They did not elect her and they cannot vote her out, but they sure can defy her.

Onward V4! Time to chart your own destiny and own future.