Merkel and refugees: More empty talk of FUTURE promises

Merkel and refugees: More empty talk of FUTURE promises

Angela Merkel is consistent.  If one looks back to September of 2015, she really has not changed her position on the migrant crisis.  Despite all her confusing rhetoric, Merkel does not believe in limits or securing the EU border. Ultimately, her “EU solution” entailed welcoming a limitless number of migrants to be spread across the EU via a binding and permanent refugee redistribution scheme. This was (and still is) her vision for Europe.  Thankfully, Viktor Orban and the V4 saw otherwise, and did not share Berlin’s enthusiasm to meddle in the makeup of their countries.

Merkel has developed another troublesome habit of proclaiming future promises she knows will never come to fruition in order to temporarily satisfy her critics at home.  After the Cologne sex attacks, Merkel quickly started her spin on deporting.  Many cheered, as Merkel’s words seemed tough.  But deep down, she knew deportation was virtually impossible, given the legal hurdles in Germany and the many foreign countries that simply refuse to take their citizens back.  Today, months after Cologne, how is that policy of deportation working out?  Merkel also discussed deporting the economic migrants, but nothing meaningful has followed. In fact, the migrants continue to flood Italy.

A few months ago, Merkel claimed the refugees would go back home with peace in Syria.  However, the economic migrants are still coming in full force. They are not fleeing war, but seeking out the EU states that offer the best benefits.  How would ending the war in Syria persuade these economic migrants to go home?

Today, Germany is floating another idea: If the refugees do not integrate and learn the German language, they will lose their “residency”, whatever that means.  However, this promise would only be measured in three years, just about the time most people would have forgotten about that proposal – just as they have forgotten about the deportation of the Cologne attackers.  

Moreover, who would be the judge as to whether a refugee has been “assimilated”, and just who would determine what that means? The UN? Merkel? The Greens? Me?  Will learning the language mean fluency, or being satisfied with the language skills of a first grader?  After all, my limited Czech allows me to eat and drink, but I could hardly flourish in my profession there.  One can see where this is going?  Nowhere, and Merkel knows this.

She is buying time, giving a false hope to Germans that she is fighting for limits, reductions, and a secure border.  Yet, she has been saying most of these things for months, while also working behind closed doors to make sure it does not materialize.  She has neither the will nor the courage to deport the migrants or to secure the EU border.

Whether in Greece or Italy, the migrants are still coming and the EU borders are still open.  Is Merkel buying time with FUTURE promises that have little chance at working in order to distract others from doing what is needed now – securing the EU border? She may be doing just that in an effort to force all EU members into accepting migrant quotas as the “only” choice to solve the crisis.  What other card does she have left to play, since she believes securing the borders “is not my Europe?”

This would be a mistake and would guarantee limitless migrants and endless quotas.  Western Europe is already struggling with Muslims who reject the culture – breeding no-go zones and Home-Grown terrorism.  How prudent is it to add a million+ new Muslim migrants to this volatile mix?  Many of these young migrants, often without identification, will be easy prey for radicalization and the criminal gang syndicates.

The V4 and CEE states must not only defy Merkel on quotas, but they also must realize that they will have to take the lead in order to seal the border and rescue a Continent in Chaos.  For Merkel is determined to do her “damned duty” on the refugees to force her vision on Europe.  After years of being the subjects of Berlin, its up to the Visegrad4 to answer the bell and to show Merkel the door.

Good night and Good luck!