Merkel Era over? A New Force emerges from the East

Merkel Era over?  A New Force emerges from the East

*Update to original article below posted Nov/2015.  Since then we have witnessed the Cologne sexual attacks and the Brussels terrorist bombing. I was six months early, but original article is a gem and is relevant today as Merkel’s EU will again push for “refugee quotas”. She must be defied.

Original post Nov2015:

Pleasantly surprised is how this writer would describe it.  This week marked the beginning of the end to the dominance of Europe by Angela Merkel and the EU bureaucrats of Western Europe.

Something new and bold has emerged in Europe from the East, a refreshing wind about to change the course and direction of a continent in chaos.  They call themselves the “Visegrad4” and their leaders and people reside in the lands of Hungary, Czech republic, Slovakia, and Poland.

The refugee crisis continues to bring disorder and danger to Europe, but Merkel and certain western EU leaders continue to have “delusions of grandeur” and seem oblivious, if not paralyzed, to their colossal mistakes.  Instead of taking action, they are blaming others for their panicked and reckless response that may prove to be Europe’s biggest blunder since the era of the Versailles Treaty and Munich 1938.

Months ago, strong action and resolve was called for from the leaders of the EU. The Old Guard failed. When the border should have been sealed and the migrants sent home before being allowed to roam Europe, Angela Merkel instead chose to stage pep rallies centered around “no limits” and “we can do it”.  While emotions are nice, they are no substitute for a concrete plan based on critical thinking. Without the consultation of others, she made promises (along with Sweden) that she could not keep and thus opened the floodgates, luring millions of refugees and migrants to Europe in search of the promised land.

Disarmed of all courage by political correctness, they allowed “compassion” to imperil their security and decision making. The idea of allowing a million+ refugees/migrants (without knowing who they are first) to enter Europe from regions well known for persecuting non-Muslims and containing Islamic jihadists who have openly declared Europe as their “next Syria” isn’t compassion, but sheer lunacy.

Merkel’s “vision” never entailed securing the borders or limits.  She wanted glory for Germany and accolades for herself as being the “Saint of Humanity”.  She knew full well Germany could not handle all the migrants, but she did believe the rest of Europe could, whether they wanted to or not.  Merkel’s plan from the beginning, and still her only plan now, was a permanent and binding refugee redistribution (forced quotas) scheme for all of the EU.

This was “Merkel Vision” and this was her fight.  But she did not plan on having some of her “peasantry” armed with pitchforks in open revolt against her majesty.

The Visegrad4 nations had their own visions, which did not include diktats from some guys named Frans Timmermans or Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels.  They viewed quotas as a “nonsense” and distraction to the tough steps required to halt the madness: secure the border; identify the legitimate war refugees; stop the endless flow of economic migrants; confront Turkey’s smugglers; and send back those who did not belong there.  After months and months of endless chatter, excuses, and pointless lectures, the V4 no longer believes Angela Merkel and Co. have the will, courage or authority to lead Europe.

Does not the V4 have a point?

**Greece and Italy could not even control their own borders from unarmed migrants.  This sent a clear message of weakness and allowed Europe to be flooded with undocumented refugees.  Is this the type of “solidarity” and “behavior” that gives the V4 confidence that the EU has the will to control their external border?

**Angela Merkel’s “open border/no limits” pep rally for German glory opened the floodgates and lured economic migrants from places such as Pakistan, Iran, and even Albania.

**Germany, Sweden, and others in the West allowed migrants to roam freely in their countries; now they are starting to realize they have a problem and that these refugees are not exactly the “Dora’s Explorers” as portrayed by the media. Seventy five percent are young men from alien Muslim cultures. There have been violent refugee riots, women and children have been raped in the camps, and Christians have had to be segregated from the Muslims.  Merkel and her allies in the West now expect the V4 nations to “evolve” and accept refugee quotas, but I am not sure they see the light, Angela.

The turning point came two months ago when three members of the Visegrad4 rejected the initial refugee quota mandate.  The President of France questioned if the V4 “respected the values” of the EU over their rejection of Muslim multiculturalism and refugee quotas. I think we have found out the answer to Hollande’s question.  The V4 has seen the results in France, Belgium, and  Germany, and while they wish them “luck”, they have no desire for that type of lifestyle and culture.

Instead of being marginalized, many others inside the EU privately agree with the V4, and as events continue to spin out of control, many no longer believe that Old Europe can answer the bell.  Today, more and more nations are defecting from Team Juncker and joining the regiment of Viktor Orban and the Visegrad4, for they know who will fight for their way of life and who has surrendered it.

The era of Angela Merkel and Old Europe is over; the future points East