Merkel, EUCO Deception at Malta Summit

Merkel, EUCO Deception at Malta Summit

At first glance, the Malta Summit sounds promising. It speaks of combating the “smuggling networks” and establishing refugee camps in Libya. Nothing wrong with this; many of us have said that the roaming of unknown migrants inside of Europe was a recipe for disaster. Deny entry and seal the border was our mantra.

Have Angela Merkel and EUCO suddenly seen the light and altered their “values” overnight? If so, why is the liberal European Commission saying the Summit “reaffirms our values” to the refugees? One has to “dig deep” to cut through the spin to realize where they are going with this.

Unlike Viktor Orban and the V4 States, the main goal of Merkel and the EU is not to stop or limit the flow of migrants into Europe, but to change the “method of transfer”. When Merkel speaks of “secure passages” to Europe and Malta’s leader Muscat talks of the need to create “human corridors”, they do not intend to “deny entry” or to seal the border. The EU agenda is to magically turn “illegal migration” into “legal migration” (poof, just like that) by attempting to replace the “smuggling routes” with “direct transfers” from Africa to Europe.

Then from the camps in Africa, where the UN would determine the “refugees in need” (which means everybody), the EU would directly transfer the migrants to Europe. This leaves the question as to how the migrants would be “distributed” throughout Europe?

The EU strategy in Malta was intended to put pressure on Orban and the V4 to accept migrant “relocation quotas”, or as EUCO president Donald Tusk put it, “shared responsibility”. By attempting to appear that they are now securing the external borders (in reality, paying & praying for Africa and Erdogan to do this for them; good luck), the EU will then try to break the V4 by exerting heavy pressure on them and others in CEE to do “their part” in the name of “solidarity”, or face huge economic sanctions for their refusal.

This will be Merkel’s “EU Solution”: Unlimited transfers of migrants via “secured routes” to Europe and endless refugee quotas to be distributed among member states. Merkel and EUCO have not changed; they worship at the altar of multiculturalism and do not consider mass migration from violent and alien cultures as a threat to Europe’s way of life. In fact, they view it as an act of heresy when Nation States defend their traditions and culture.

In the coming months, Orban and the V4 will come under intense pressure from Germany and the EU to accept the migrant quotas. The battle will not be pretty, but the V4 must continue their fight to defend Europe from the multicult manifesto of the UN and EU.

The solution:
1. Agreeing to help generously fund the camps “outside of Europe” to make them comfortable and as safe as possible for the refugees until peace comes. Also, assist in deporting the migrants, who only make it harder to care for the true refugees.

2. Whatever short-term results achieved by Libya or Turkey in preventing illegal migration, they cannot be relied upon long-term. Insist that all member states contribute troops, equipment and cash to help Italy, Greece and Bulgaria to seal the EU borders themselves. Solidarity at the border!

3. Prevent any direct transfers of migrants/refugees straight to Europe for “relocation”. Refugees are best helped closer to their homes and in regions that share their culture. Camps outside of Europe should be centers of safety, not a gathering place for transfers to Europe.

4. Reject any EU mandatory quotas and instead focus on the deportation procedures of the millions of illegal migrants roaming Europe. This is a “ticking time bomb” that needs to be addressed before any true refugee can be helped.

Unfortunately, despite the phony solidarity spin, an EU solution to the migrant crisis may not be possible. The values and cultures of the V4 and CEE nations are just too far apart from those of the Mediterranean states or Western Europe. While this may be a reality and even quite normal, an EU “Super-State” trying to force their vision on all is a fantasy and utter nonsense.

The EU will have to be broken, they are exposing and failing to protect Europeans. The future may be smaller, less-intrusive regional alliances that better reflect the values and cultures of their people. As they proved with the closing of the Balkan route to slow the illegal entries to Greece, the Nation States will find the solutions to force others – like Greece and Italy – to act more responsible at their borders.

Change in Europe will have to take place outside of Germany and Brussels. The future of Europe belongs to a new “Responsible Nationalism” that puts Europeans First.