Merkel, German Officials Create New Spin: “not terror-related”

Merkel, German Officials Create New Spin: “not terror-related”

When one commits an error, they will either admit to their mistake and take action to correct it or they will desperately try to cover it up. Angela Merkel and her allies in the media have sadly, but not surprisingly, chose the latter in regards to their migrant crisis. This never works out well.

For the last couple of weeks, the media and German officials have come up with a new slogan, “non terror-related”, to try to separate migrant violence from migrant terror. Their twisted rationale seems to be implying that “it has nothing to do with migration” if a refugee murders or rapes without being inspired by ISIS. It seems to have started when a Syrian refugee butchered a pregnant Polish women to death with a machete. Shamefully, they tried to tell us that this was “personal” and “non terror related”. Well maybe it was not terror related but it sure was “cultural related” and “refugee related”.

Merkel’s agenda is to try to delink two crucial issues from mass migration as if they are not the problem. However, the alien culture of the refugees migrating from violent regions that have persecuted non-Muslims cannot just be dismissed as a non-factor to the migration debate. We saw this in Cologne, Germany where 1200 women were sexually attacked by a combination of 2000 migrants and recent immigrants on one night and the mass rapes taking place in Sweden. These were culturally motivated attacks by migrants who entered Europe with little or no vetting, often with fake passports or no identification at all. Moreover, knife and machete attacks carried out by refugees are repugnant whether inspired by terror or culture. Either way, the violent and demanding culture of the Middle East appears at odds with Europe.

Moreover, terror comes in two forms. One is an immediate threat as a result of open borders. ISIS and other terrorists thrive on the kind of open border surrender that both Italy and Greece enabled. They want as many refugees as possible entering Europe to create chaos so they can “blend in”. Once here, they simply disappear off the radar screen and look for opportunities to strike. The huge numbers of migrants entering Europe at rapid speeds make it virtually impossible to identify the sleeper cells. The blowback to open borders is here and it will intensify.

Yet, even more problematic may be the future repercussions once radicalization takes its course. One can look at France and Belgium for examples. They have encouraged Muslim migration for decades. The first generation was generally not a problem. But as the numbers increased, the next generations rejected the culture and became bolder and more aggressive. As the multicultural experiment melted-down, radicalization set in and morphed into the “home-grown” terrorism we see today. It is no coincidence that the countries with the largest Muslim populations also have the most “citizen jihadists” fighting for the cause in Syria.

This is why one cannot deny the link between mass Muslim migration, multiculturalism, new refugees, radicalization, and home grown terror. They feed off one another. Yet this is what precisely Angela Merkel is attempting in order to save “her legacy” and mask her disasterous decisions. To sacrifice and expose Europeans to rape, violence and terrorism in order for Merkel to do “her damned duty” is not only an act of pure vanity but a disgrace.

In my opinion, Angela Merkel is far too obsessed with her legacy and delusions of grandeur to act rationally to this crisis. Her bizarre press conference where she babbled on about ISIS not wanting more refugees entering Europe was full of desperation and distortions. She will not resign or change, it is all about her now. The V4 and others members of the EU cannot wait for Germany to make the change in 2017. They must find a way to sideline her within the EU or take unilateral actions to solve the crisis without her. They started to do this with the closing of the Balkans. They can continue by supporting Austria and Switzerland (non-EU like Macedonia) in their efforts to seal Italy, where Renzi continues to allow illegals to be “waved through” to others after entering his unsecured border. In addition, they must reject and defy the scheme by EUCO to create refugee resettlement quotas that will guarantee an endless flow of migrants.

The rapid fall from grace of Angela Merkel has been a tragedy both for Germany and Europe. Vanity is a potent drug that when overused can be poison to both the mind and soul. Europe is much more than Angela Merkel; she alone should not be allowed to surrender its Soul!