Merkel, Germany, EU putting migrant legacy over safety of citizens in light of sexual assaults

Merkel, Germany, EU putting migrant legacy over safety of citizens in light of sexual assaults

* Update 12-6-2017: Another rape was committed by a refugee in Germany.  This time it resulted in the murder of a young German woman.  The details are gruesome as she was viciously raped and dumped in a river to die.

The response of Merkel and her government in Germany was an absolute disgrace.  First they tried to keep it quiet; then once the news was broke by others, they tried to downplay it as something “regional”, “routine”, and “isolated”.  Have they no shame!  What else are they covering up?  Merkel knows very well what is going on in Germany and the violence being committed by the young make “refugees”.

There is only one conclusion to this callous behavior:  sheer vanity and delusions of grandeur that prevent them from admitting their gross negligence. Instead, they are sacrificing their own citizens for their “legacy” – a legacy that will be remembered in shame.

Back in January 2016, I first posted about this attitude of Merkel when the migrant rapes occurred in Cologne.  A few details have changed since the original post but the article remains relevant to this day.  Even then, leaders in Germany were trying to downplay the sheer volume of the attacks.  Now we know 1,200 German women were assaulted by 2,000 new or recent migrants to Germany. The government altered the original police reports to try to mask the migrant’s role.  There is no trust left with German leaders.

** Original post from January 2016.

The blowback to Angela Merkel’s open invitation for millions of undocumented migrants, overwhelmingly young males from alien cultures, to roam the streets of Europe has begun.  On New Years Eve in Germany, some 1,000 men of Arab/North African decent raped and sexually assaulted about 100 women. Merkel’s response that we must “respect strangers”, in light of what strangers did, was both callous and insulting to the people of Europe.  Moreover, some German officials started yapping about a “code of conduct” for females to follow, as if it was their fault.

This is what happens when grandeur-seeking leaders put their own legacies and egos ahead of the safety of their citizens.  Women have become mere pawns for Merkel’s quest to become the “Saint of Tolerance”, tolerating sexual assault under the false pretense of humanity.

Merkel, Germany and Brussels are the ones in need of a “Code of Conduct” and Honor.  First, if she had any honor, Mrs. Merkel should resign.  Clearly, she has lost all control and moral credibility.  But she will not, for its all about Angela now. Instead of lecturing German females, Merkel needs to stop the unknown migrants from preying on its citizens.  The external EU borders must be sealed at all costs and rapid deportation needs to start.  One protects the women of the house by preventing unknown strangers from entering, and one removes that threat by deporting them back to the countries they came from.

The game is over for Merkel and it may be over for the EU.  Their vision has failed Europe and damaged the souls of young women.  Despite their lofty rhetoric, the EU has no values.  For what type of values sacrifice the health and welfare of your own citizens in the name of humanity.

The V4 and CEE should start preparing for life after the EU.  Life did not begin with the EU and life will not end without the EU.  A smaller, less intrusive regional Union may be the best option; negotiating free trade agreements with Germany and Western Europe without the baggage of their manufactured migrant crisis.

Can it be done? It will eventually have to be done, for saving the EU is not worth losing your soul, culture, or way of life.  Stay strong and united Visegrad, others will soon follow you.