Merkel Migrant Madness: The migrants are not leaving Europe; only 3% have been deported and 100,000 are missing.

Merkel Migrant Madness:  The migrants are not leaving Europe; only 3% have been deported and 100,000 are missing.

* Merkel Migrant Madness: The migrants are not leaving Europe despite the change of circumstances in Iraq and Syria. 760,000 migrants are still waiting for their requests to be processed. 385,000 are appealing their rejections. 100,000 migrants have just vanished to roam Europe. Meanwhile, only 3% (75,000) have been deported, mostly back to the Balkans. Very few, if any, are being sent back to Africa.

What is the end game for Brussels? Do we really need to ask? As EU Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos said, “Relocation does not stop on September 26…’s a continuous scheme”.

** Since 2015, we have witnessed the complete surrender of the external borders. At least 2.2 million migrants from violent cultures surged into Europe since the border crisis began in 2015. The lack of security and seriousness at the border was quite abnormal and exposed Europe to great dangers and total chaos. What was Angela Merkel thinking and where were the responsible leaders of Germany to stop her?

Merkel even claimed the Syrians would return home after the war. They are not and very few migrants are being sent back to their countries of origin. Despite the estimate that 95% of the arrivals from Africa are economic migrants, there is no movement at all to implement a mechanism to deport the migrants back to Africa. Judging from the actions of the EU, they are here to stay.

The negative repercussions of mass migration from violent regions will be felt for decades. No European nation containing a large Muslim minority has been successful with integration. France and Belgium are two of the most visible examples and contain the most “home-grown” jihadists. This is a culture that seeks to dominate, not to assimilate.

*** The V4 Report is alarmed over migrant “roaming” and the unwillingness of the EU to deport. This is a recipe for disaster and an open invitation for more terror.

Shockingly, 100,000 migrants have just disappeared and are now roaming Europe. Brussels has no idea who they are or who they are associated with. The German authorities have even admitted that ISIS has used the migrant routes to infiltrate Europe with “sleeper cells” ready to strike.

The combination of failed asylum seekers who continue to roam the streets and migrants who have vanished underground has exposed Europeans to more attacks and rapes from Islamic terrorists and aggressive migrants. We have seen the blowback in Finland, Spain, Germany, Sweden, France and elsewhere in Western Europe. This is simply unacceptable and illustrates the weakness of the EU. They have surrendered.

Instead of deporting, Angela Merkel and the UN are looking to expand the relocation quotas to include migrants from Africa and persons in “refugee-like” situations. The Merkel migrant madness will continue to grow.

**** The battle intensifies between the leaders of Brussels who believe in unlimited migration and endless quotas and the forces of Visegrad who demand a secure border and continuous deportation.

Eventually, the EU will break. The values and beliefs of Western Europe and Central-Eastern Europe are just too far apart to hold together. The EU Core will not be able to force their multicult values on Visegrad. This is not their vision and it will not be tolerated.

The future will be smaller, less-intrusive regional coalitions that better reflect the values and beliefs of its people. The CEE states must build their own core foundation centered around the V4 and Three Seas Initiative.

Look at the migrant numbers. The EU Core Express may be traveling at “top speed”, but it is out of control and rapidly accelerating down the wrong track towards its demise. For Visegrad, there are better roads to travel.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united.