Merkel: Nation states should be ready to give up more sovereignty.

Merkel: Nation states should be ready to give up more sovereignty.

Merkel: Nation states should be ready to give up more sovereignty.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed that in the future, the European Union must receive more power.

By Lauri Laugen.

– Merkel said yesterday at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation’s event entitled ‘Parliamentarism Between Globalization and National Sovereignty’ that, “Today’s nation states, I would say, must be ready to surrender sovereignty.”

“But of course this is a regular way,” Merkel added. Always the states themselves have to be responsible for such contracts, and any national parliament must make a corresponding decision, Merkel claimed.

Unfortunately, both Poland and Hungary are discovering (Article 7) Merkel’s definition of surrendering sovereignty in a “regular way”. Their national parliaments made decisions that Brussels did not like. One can conclude that Merkel’s “regular way” is not voluntary.

Prior to this, Merkel warned the Bundestag against nationalism and the UN Global Migration Framework. “Who thinks that they are able to solve their own problems and that they have to think for themselves alone. That is nationalism in the purest form. This is not patriotic. For patriotic thoughts, if other interests are involved with German interests then win-win situations are accepted,” Merkel opined.

* Sure thing Angela, its a win-win situation and all about solidarity…so long as Germany dictates the terms.

Of course, Merkel and Macron somehow believe that they are now the guardians of patriotism. They are under the illusion that they are the “experts” that will define patriotism for others. Merkel even wonders how some can think for themselves without being enlightened by Brussels, Berlin, Paris or the UN.

The V4 Report, to be frank, finds it incomprehensible that Merkel and Macron would even mention patriotism, let alone attempt to define it.

We have a feeling that many Germans and French would find this “new patriotism” of Merkel and Macron puzzling as well.

Regardless, Merkel’s era is over and Macron’s time has gone before it even started. Their influence is declining rapidly…and deep down, they know it too.

Let the new era of Europe begin. Onwards Visegrad!