Merkel overstepping her authority: Time for others in EU to debate “no-confidence” vote on her

Merkel overstepping her authority: Time for others in EU to debate “no-confidence” vote on her

No one needs reminded more than Angela Merkel that the people of the Czech Republic and the other EU states did not elect her.  She is the Chancellor of Germany, not the Queen of Europe.  When she tells Erdogan of Turkey that “Germany will keep her promises”, she should not assume she speaks for Europe; nor should others permit her to, given her disastrous track record.

Nor should the V4 members or anyone else feel obliged to accept “refugee quotas” that they never signed up for.  It was Merkel alone, speaking for Germany alone, that lured them here with empty promises.  If Sweden and Austria willingly participated that was their choice and their vision; they are living with the consequences others warned them about.  With Greece and Italy opening the floodgates, the migrant crisis has taken on a life of its own, threatening to rip the EU apart.  Today, it is no longer about Syrian refugees, but economic migrants from Africa, Asia, and other Middle East countries, often with violent cultures, that are seeking out the most generous welfare states in Europe.

But, other EU leaders are not sheep, they have a free-will to reject Merkel Vision.  Why should she alone decide and negotiate for the EU.  Neither she nor the EU is too big to fail.  Look at those weak, pompous leaders in Brussels lecturing to Poland and Hungary how to run their countries.  Last time I checked, the streets and people of the V4 regions were safe and orderly. The same cannot be said of Germany, Greece or Sweden; their people are tense, and see their way of life slipping away.

The time has come to relieve Merkel of her self-anointed duties. She has failed and exposed Europe.  The V4 and CEE nations can no longer wait for Germany to replace Merkel.  They have no control of this.  But they can take action; after all, her decision-making has an impact on the security of their people.  They have a moral duty to take action.

My recommendation:  The V4 should take the lead and call for an open debate on the leadership of Merkel inside the EU. A vote of confidence in her leadership would follow in a secret ballot.  Yes or No.  If Angela Merkel insists on acting alone on behalf of the EU without consulting others, this would either confirm her status or bring her down.

It is the right thing to do.  This cannot continue as is.  If the EU breaks, so be it, Europe will survive.  Smaller, less intrusive regional alliances in the mold of the V4 may be the future.  Germany would still have to trade with Britain and central-eastern Europe, their export machine needs much more than Italy, France, Spain, Greece, and Portugal (all economic basket cases).

Exiting the EU would be hard, any change brings some discomfort.  However, in order to grow and escape mediocracy, one must be challenged to break free of their comfort zones.  For losing ones culture and heart is not worth the price of membership.