Merkel: “Refugees will go home with peace in Syria.” Really?

Merkel: “Refugees will go home with peace in Syria.”  Really?

Angela Merkel now says the refugees will go home after peace is restored in Syria. It’s that easy? I hope she called the mythical train, “Chuggington”, to transport them all back because she is living in a fairy-tale world.

First, I cannot see peace anytime soon in Syria; we can’t even agree on who the enemy is, although it’s quite clear to me. There are only a handful of so-called “moderate rebels”, over 90% of the rebels fighting Assad and Russia are Islamic terrorists from ISIS, al-Qaida, al-Nusra, etc.

Secondly, there is no strong history of refugees returning to their homelands, let alone economic migrants who are looking for a better way of life or something more sinister. No doubt some are sincere but there is a process and illegal immigration cannot be tolerated. Yet, who can deny that some are coming for the generous welfare benefits or that some terrorists are not trying to slip through?

Merkel may want to explain why the huge influx of economic migrants storming Europe from “safe countries”. They are arriving now, when are they going home? They have peace, how would an end to the war in Syria change their minds?

Deep down, Merkel does not want to stop the inflow and she believes she can get away with it by some “rules-based” solidarity (coinage that Stalin would be proud of). Merkel’s solution is to force the rest of EU into a permanent and binding refugee redistribution plan. This can never be accepted by Central-Eastern Europe and the Visegrad4 nations and will be the death blow to the EU. Quite frankly, I am surprised they tolerated Merkel, Juncker and the EU this long.

It seems Merkel is getting desperate. Her deportation spin does not add up either. Deporting hundreds of criminals is fine, but the EU will have to deport many more migrants here illegally. Plus it will be futile if the external EU border is not sealed. As Merkel “considers” a few deportations, masses of new migrants arrive in Italy-Greece DAILY.

The game looks just about to be over for Merkel. In truth, she has no plan to stop the crisis she largely created. Time for new leadership in Europe.

Are you ready Visegrad? The continent in chaos needs you.