Merkel’s Germany: About half of the migrants do not pass a German language exam, while some schools cheat on it.

Merkel’s Germany:  About half of the migrants do not pass a German language exam, while some schools cheat on it.

Merkel’s Germany: About half of the migrants do not pass a German language exam, while some schools cheat on it.

The number of migrants and asylum-seekers who do not complete language and integration courses is increasing. Half of the immigrants fail in German. Up to one fifth of the course participants are illiterate, and low attendance prevents them from learning.

Moreover, it appears some of the facilities fraudulently granted language competency certificates…which gives a new meaning to Merkel’s famous phrase of “We can do it”.

– If one wants to live in Germany and learn at least the basics of language and local realities, the German government demands from people who seek asylum and residence permits to pass basic exams.

The numbers of those who fail to do so, however, is rising compared to previous years. In the past year, 45 percent (94,000) out of 202,000 ‘registered’ failed the test. We wonder how many migrants failed to even register? Well over 1,000,000 migrants entered Germany over the last few years.

In addition, every fourth migrant failed despite additional tutoring. Compared to the previous year, this is a slight increase – in 2017, 40 percent of migrants did not pass the course.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), which runs the courses, is therefore under criticism that the courses are not of ‘sufficient quality’. The old ‘blame it on the test’ excuse.

However, since one fifth of the total number of course participants were illiterate before they started, there is probably no BAMF error.

The Office also adds other reasons for this: low attendance, experienced trauma or an insufficient “learning culture”. In fact, many “pupils” never went to school in their country of origin.

But even BAMF is not innocent. Some facilities are now struggling with the suspicion of taking bribes and selling positively assessed asylum applications in recent years.

According to Die Welt, at least one of the integration course operators faces a trial for suspicion of manipulating the results. Thus, those who do not speak any German may have obtained a certificate of language proficiency.

Another sixteen schools lost their license last year due to similar problems.

Integration courses usually last six months and 600 hours are reserved for language training. This is complemented by lessons on the German legal system, history, culture and values.

German Jews want courses for migrants to “unlearn” anti-Semitism.

The course is designed to teach foreigners the basic knowledge of German at B1 level. That is, they can understand slow and simple conversation, speak in simple sentences and understand common text.

Part of the final exam includes a test called “Living in Germany”. A total of 310 questions with the right answers are freely available on the Internet; 33 of them are randomly selected for the test. For successful completion, at least 17 questions must be answered correctly…i.e., one of the four options offered.

For example: What is a fundamental right? Is it: a) the right to hold a weapon b) the right to fist c) freedom of expression d) the right to exercise one’s own justice.

Or: What is the Bundeswehr? Again, there are four options: a) the German police b) a German port c) the citizens’ initiative or d) the German army.

* As reality slowly sets in, on does not hear “We can do it” anymore from Angela Merkel. The Merkel ‘selfies’ and glorious German pep rallies are a thing of the past.

Germany will face many “issues” that will only intensify in the future as a result of Merkel’s ‘Grand Experiment’.

Viktor Orban and Visegrad got it right.