Migrant ‘hot spot’ in Croatia? EU to help fund ‘shelters’ for migrants.

Migrant ‘hot spot’ in Croatia? EU to help fund ‘shelters’ for migrants.

In addition to Petrinja, a new reception center for migrants is being built.

Is Croatia to become a “hot spot” and EU/UN ‘processing center’ for illegal migrants? This a catastrophe, especially for a tourist country.

Croatians must rise in rebellion to break free from the chains of the Plenkovic Regime.

Go for it! He is nothing more than a useful EU poodle.

– According to some Croatian media, the Croatian government plans to build a shelter for ‘asylum seekers’ (aggressive male migrants) in the former exile settlement near Petrinja, in the town of Mala Gorica.

As early as July, the Independent Sector of the Ministry of the Interior for Schengen Coordination and EU Funds decided to allocate financial resources for the implementation of the project entitled “Establishing Infrastructure and Capacity Building of the Shelter for asylum seekers in Mala Gorica within the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund”.

For this purpose, it is planned to spend four million euros, three from EU funds, one from the state budget. About this, the inhabitants of Petrinja officially do not know anything, nor did anyone ask them anything about it, although rumors have been circulating for some time about the arrival of migrants next to them.

The former exile settlement in Mala Gorica has been empty for years, and a container settlement should be built here. The decision to allocate funds for the construction of a shelter in Mala Gorica states that the purpose of the project is “to provide additional capacities in order to improve the conditions of accommodation and provision of services to the applicants for international protection”.

Currently, the construction permit for the construction of a shelter is underway, which, according to the Ministry of the Interior, will initially be intended for a small number of international protection seekers.

* Brussels and leaders of West EU bloc are too cowardly and weak to deport the aggressive male migrants outside of Europe or to seal the border in Greece (or Greece itself).

The PM of Croatia, Andrej Plenkovic, is obsessed with “EU Institutions”, including the pathetic agency called Frontex, which does not seal the borders.

Plenkovic has gone too far and crossed the line. He is putting his own personal ambitions ahead of what is best for Croatia. This allows unelected Eurocrats from Brussels to control him.

The V4 Report was optimistic on Austria 2017 and Italy 2018. Will Plenkovic become the next victim who embraced “EU solidarity” to fall?

Can a strong party or leader emerge to challenge the ‘Donald Tusk of Croatia’ or will Plenkovic steer the nation down the same path as Sweden?

It’s time for Croatians to rise up and take to the streets to begin the revolution that removes the chains of Plenkovic and his Court.