Migrant pipeline from Greece to EU mainland flowing intensely since 2015

Migrant pipeline from Greece to EU mainland flowing intensely since 2015

Migrant pipeline from Greece to EU mainland flowing intensely since 2015.
Of those illegals officially relocated in the last twelve months from Greece to others in the EU, 57% came from Afghanistan, 24% from Syria, 6% from Iraq, 3% from the Palestinian Territories, and 3% from Somalia.

Of the 733 so-called ‘unaccompanied minors’ relocated from Greece, the majority (95%) were male.
Isn’t EU solidarity just fantastic? 😬

Germany just completed its first mission and is super proud to be an example for others to follow its lead.
“The last relocation flight from Athens with 103 refugees on board has landed in Germany,” tweeted the German branch of the UN migration agency on Thursday, April 22.

There will be more to come as the EU migration pact looks to expand this scheme around a permanent relocation mechanism.

Since April 2020, Germany relocated 2,765 illegals (via safe Turkey) from Greece.
In total for one year, 3,654 migrants were relocated from Greece to 13 European countries. The top EU ‘brown-nosers’ were Germany, France, Norway, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Lithuania, and Bulgaria.

This is in addition to the millions of aggressive male illegals who were ‘waved through from Greece to others in Europe since 2015.
There has already been a massive wave of illegals relocated from Greece and Italy. Yet, meaningful deportations out of Europe have not materialized as promised.

Remember this when the EU promises future returns. It’s pure bait in order to give certain countries an alibi at home to agree to relocations first.

This crisis has been going on for at least six years. Any sane person will realize that the EU has no intention of changing…or action would have been taken long ago.

It’s all a show to try to keep national conservatives from gaining influence. This is the real goal of the Eurocrat royalty as they continue to flood Europe into submission.