Migrants Leaving Baltic States for “Sugar Daddy” Germany

Migrants Leaving Baltic States for “Sugar Daddy” Germany

July 5, 2017

The migrants are leaving Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. Of course, the BBC says the migrants are “frustrated and trapped in chilly Baltic states”. In other words, Germany is offering more money.

– The leaders of the V4 and CEE nations must be aware of EU Minister and “Soros activist” Nils Muiznieks – who is trying to target the region with as many Muslim migrants as possible. Muiznieks is a multicult fanatic, who was educated with the radical Marxists at California-Berkeley.

** From the article: An Eritrean came to Latvia from Italy a year ago as part of the EU’s relocation program. ‘They don’t give us anything’. He was not allowed to choose the country of destination himself, and was not happy about it.

“There are lots of Eritreans everywhere in Europe. They talk to one another. We all know that in Germany they give you an apartment and €400 (£439; $568) pocket money. But in Latvia they don’t give us anything – just €139 a month,” he told BBC Russian.

*** Migrants via the relocation program are moving on from all three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania:

349 migrants were sent to Lithuania, but 248 left as soon as they had received official refugee status. Benefits for migrants in Lithuania vary from €102 to €204 a month.

317 migrants were allocated to Latvia, but no office has records of their whereabouts. The fact that none are using the mentoring services available to those with official refugee status suggests they have left.

In Estonia, of the 136 who arrived on the EU quota programme, 79 have moved elsewhere in Europe. Migrants in Estonia receive €130 a month.

– Once granted asylum, a migrant can travel freely within the EU and join friends and family in Western Europe. We are beginning to see how this game is played.

EU Minister and open-border “activist” Nils Muiznieks, who has deep ties to George Soros, has another idea for the relocation program. Muiznieks wants to “harmonize upwards” the benefits paid to migrants by all the states. In other words, the Baltic nations, the V4 and others in the CEE region would be forced to pay migrants the same rich benefits as Germany. This is Muiznieks stealth method to infiltrate the CEE region with migrants. Muiznieks obviously spent too much time being indoctrinated in Berkeley.

The EU leadership is focused on attracting as many migrants to Europe as possible. This is the multicult theology in which they worship. George Soros has much influence in Brussels with the EU Ministers. Nils Muiznieks is just another one of his useful tools.

It’s time to dismantle the Soros Project in Brussels.
Onward V4!