Migrants stranded at sea, a year after Easter pushback

Migrants stranded at sea, a year after Easter pushback

Malta seems to be offering more resistance at the borders. Italy should do the same. Relocation schemes just lure more illegals and are the worst possible solution for all.
Perhaps the government and people have grown tired of waking up to the same problems day after day while being lectured by the media and EPP opposition about ‘EU values’.
The NGO Alarm Phone is quite upset too, but they are amateur activists with an agenda and have no authority in Malta regarding migration.
They have no competence and should be ignored.

Over 200 illegals have set out on their journey from Africa and are said to be drifting at sea, and another 88 were rescued last week, but they were not taken to Malta.

Malta is full and cannot take in any more illegals, and they have made this very clear for months now. At some point, self-preservation becomes the priority. However, the NGOs and others negligently keep encouraging the illegals to take dangerous trips, while luring the migrants to Libya in the first place.
This is irresponsible and reckless on their part, pushing an agenda the puts others in danger.
A country can assist at sea when needed (as Malta did in this case) but it has no obligation to grant entry.
Prime Minister Robert Abela did what he had to do and commissioned a boat that rescued the migrants and returned them to Libya.
It is up to the UN and countries of origin to transfer the migrants out of Libya and return them back home or to one of the UN camps in Africa. This narrative about starting a new life in Europe should have never been encouraged to begin with and must end.
Just because some feel they are entitled to take a journey or to be provided with a new life does not mean they should be granted a one-way ticket to Europe.

The actions of the NGOs and the various EU relocation schemes are obviously luring the migrants to Libya in the first place, where they hope to reach Europe. The open-border (post-Salvini as IM) in Italy acts like a magnet as well and is not helping matters either.
One does not hear of these tragedies off the coast of Australia, where they have made it clear that illegals will not enter the country by sea.
Perhaps, Malta is finally realizing that Australia has it right.
To prevent deaths and to defend Europe, the illegals must be sent the message that they will not enter Europe illegally by sea.
Since deportations rarely materialize in any meaningful way, this tough-love message
is the only way to stop the madness…and the tragedies at sea.
As it turns out, open-borders are not an act of humanity.