Migration minister proposes operation of Frontex beyond EU borders

Migration minister proposes operation of Frontex beyond EU borders

Leaders of Greece and Germany meet to discuss migration. What could go wrong? 🤦‍♂️

Is it really that hard to figure out what needs to be done to seal and defend one’s border that these pointless discussions must take place over and over again? Some of the proposals are just mind-boggling. Meanwhile, nothing ever changes.
Why don’t they meet with Viktor Orban to study Hungary’s techniques? It’s pretty straight forward and it even stopped much of the “secondary migration” to Germany.

Greece wants EU Frontex troops to operate in Africa and the Middle East. Imagine that!

Frontex can’t even defend the EU borders. Of course, this would first involve permission from third countries (highly unlikely), many of which refuse to even take back their own citizens. The EU has been working on return agreements in some cases for decades.

Even if they did permit Frontex agents inside, which is doubtful (imagine Turkey or Libya) what would Frontex do?
Somehow, we do not think this would end well. It’s like sending in the UN blue helmets.🤸

For its part, Germany lectured Greece about providing the proper hospitality and welfare system for asylum seekers in Greece to reduce the attraction factor for irregular secondary migration influx.
Gee, that’s really helpful for Greece….just improve the welcoming culture.

Maybe Germany should reduce its own “attraction factor” that lures the illegals to Europe like a magnet in the first place.

Europe does not need “more EU, more Frontex or more German thinking” regarding migration. It needs fewer handcuffs and outdated declarations that prevent the nation-states from doing what is necessary to defend their own countries.
The best way to get return agreements with third countries and to adjust attitudes is to link ALL foreign aid and assistance to a certain high percentage of successful returns. No cooperation equals no aid.

And pushbacks by national border guards would be much more efficient, realistic, and inexpensive than sending Frontex troops on wild goose chases in Africa or the Middle East. Just can’t imagine Frontex agents in Turkey.

In the end, Europe must take the ultimate responsibility to defend its own borders…period.

Maybe Sweden has some ideas? 🤣