Migration Numbers:  Land and sea routes see 88% increase in May 2020.

Migration Numbers:  Land and sea routes see 88% increase in May 2020.

Migration Numbers:  Land and sea routes see 88% increase in May 2020.


Greece saw a significant decrease while the numbers spiked in Italy, Malta and Spain.


55% arrived by sea to Italy and Malta, 35% landed in Spain and only 9% entered via Bulgaria and Greece.


* As one can see from below, this is a mess. What is the plan?  To defend culture by deporting migrants out of Europe or to surrender Europe and accept a new way of life? 


– Italy:  The most frequently registered nationalities of illegals arriving by sea in 2020 were Bangladesh (19%) and Côte d’Ivoire and Tunisia (13% each), followed by Sudan (8%), Algeria (7%), Morocco (6%) and other African and Southern Asian countries. 


About 38% of all arrivals in Italy departed from Tunisia, 36% departed from Libya and the rest departed from Algeria (22%), Greece (3%) and Albania (1%).


– Malta:  Sudan was the most frequently reported nationality at arrival in 2020 (32%), followed by Bangladesh (16%) and Somalia (14%). Arrivals to Malta are reported to have departed from Libya.


– Spain:  83% of illegals arrived by sea…this includes 34% of total arrivals to the Canary Islands, 49% to the peninsular coasts of the region of Murcia and of the Comunidad Valenciana and to the Balearic Islands and 1% per cent to the autonomous city of Ceuta. The remaining 17% arrived by land to the autonomous cities of Melilla (15%) and Ceuta (2%) on the north coast of Africa. 


According to the available data, provided by the Spanish Ministry of Interior, the most common country of origin among the arrivals by sea in 2020 was Algeria (30%), followed by Morocco (13%), Guinea (12%), Mali (10%), Côte d’Ivoire (9%), Senegal (6%) and others.


– Greece: According to available data, the most frequently registered nationality of arrivals to Greece by sea in 2020 so far was Afghanistan (39%) followed by Syria (25%), Somalia (6%), the Democratic Republic of Congo (5%), and others.


– Balkans: Afghanistan continues to be the most frequently reported nationality among illegals intercepted transiting the Western Balkans recorded in May 2020, which has been the case each month since October 2019, and particularly in Montenegro (49%), Croatia (27%) and Serbia (24%). 


Nationals of Pakistan are also prominent among those recorded transiting the region, particularly in Croatia (31%) and Slovenia (24%). Morocco nationals are the third most frequently registered nationality in the Western Balkans by the end of May 2020, and the most common nationality of those registered are registered in Albania (48%) and Slovenia (30%).