Morawiecki at his best as he dismantles shameless writer from “anti-Poland” New York Times

Morawiecki at his best as he dismantles shameless writer from “anti-Poland” New York Times

Morawiecki at his best. PM Morawiecki directly answers a set-up attack from a contributing writer for the “anti-Poland” New York Times, who incorrectly and shamelessly implies that Poland collaborated with Nazi Germany.

Obviously, this media attack – accompanied with audience applause – was a planned theatre. However, while the opponents of Poland resort to smears, Morawiecki prefers to defend his nation by calmly debating the facts.

Unfortunately, I witnessed similar bitter and nasty attacks from some of these same groups during the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Many writers who bravely opposed the Iraq war – correctly pointing out the negative consequences of “regime change” – were falsely accused of “anti-Semitism” by some of the same leaders and organizations, including the NewYork Times, who now slander Poland. The government of Israel, among others, was one of the biggest proponents of the US invasion.

As we now know, the Iraqi War was a colossal “neocon” catastrophe which opened the door for Islamic terrorism and greatly contributed to the destabilization of the Middle East.

Poland should ignore the noise and continue to defend itself.

We think Morawiecki answered the bell. Morawiecki said: “It’s extremely important to first understand that of course it won’t be punishable or seen as a crime to say that there were Polish perpetrators as there were Jewish perpetrators, as there were Russian and Ukrainian perpetrators, not only German perpetrators.”

“Polish embassies had to react 260 times in 2017 alone with regards to the expression ‘Polish death camps’ or ‘Polish concentration camps.’ Well, ladies and gentlemen, there were no Polish death camps or concentration camps. There were German Nazi death camps.”

“The mere fact that we have to explain it today stems from our history. For 50 years after the Second World War—45 to be exact—we couldn’t defend our case. There was no Polish independent state.”

Morawiecki then went on to speak of the many Poles who paid with their lives for helping Jews. He said, “Anyone who wants to know what the German occupation on Polish soil (was like), I would invite to the discussion, to historical research, because this is something completely beyond your imagination.”

“Many of you have probably heard about the Lidice village in the Czech Republic. In Poland we had 800 Lidice – 800 villages completely annihilated, exterminated by German Nazis.”

“In Poland—on Polish soil, I should have said, because there was no Poland during the Second World War—on Polish soil, this was the only place on Earth where all the families, all the neighbors, all the villagers were killed for helping our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

“In Poland, we lost six million people during the Second World War—the highest percentage lost among all the nations on Earth. There is a book by Gunnar Paulsson, a Swedish-Canadian historian, who did a very through research on Warsaw during the Second World War—how many Jews were hiding in Warsaw and how many Polish families were helping those Jews.”

“At least around 30,000 Jews escaped the Warsaw Ghetto and they were helped by three, four or five times more Polish citizens, even if this was under the threat of death for the whole family.”

“We will not prosecute people who say there were Polish perpetrators, because there were Polish perpetrators, but we cannot agree with mixing perpetrators with victims. This would be an offense to all the Jews and all the Poles who suffered greatly during the Second World War.”

* The leaders of Poland will speak for themselves; they will not be defined by Israeli politicians, Anne Applebaum, the US Senate or a manipulative media.Bill,7340,L-5118011,00.html