More than 150 migrants freed in raid on traffickers in Libya

More than 150 migrants freed in raid on traffickers in Libya

Libya: More than 150 migrants freed in a raid on traffickers. They were being held in a “house-turned-prison”.

Good, they were freed, but let’s think for a moment why these migrants head to the hellhole of Libya in the first place.

1) No, they do not intend to stay in Libya, nor would they travel to Libya if they did not view it as a launching pad to the EU.

2) Who and what lures the migrants to Libya? The NGOs and their taxi service to Europe, open entry in Italy and the generous benefits received in the EU.

The NGOs and government officials in Italy and Brussels are luring the migrants to Libya in order to facilitate illegal migration to Europe.

How else can one describe this? The EU fails to act against the NGOs, criminalizes pushbacks at the border, and designs migrant relocation schemes across the EU. Plus, the illegals know, once in the EU, they will not be deported and receive generous benefits after “their journey”.

Without the NGOs or an open border, there would be fewer trips to Europe. Just ask Australia.

Who is responsible for the migrant slavery in Libya? Not Viktor Orban or the V4, which want the borders closed, but the NGO agitators and their open-border allies in Berlin and Brussels.

There is nothing humane about this.